Current Pokemon Anime Series Coming To An End

An entirely new Pokémon series doesn't just mean new Pokémon games, it also means something else.

This fall the anime version of current Pokémon series Diamond and Pearl will conclude its run to make way for the totally new Pokémon Black and White franchise.

The original Pokémon anime first ran in 1997, and the second series (Pocket Monsters: Advanced Generation) started in 2002. The current series, Diamond and Pearl, began in 2007.

As well as an animated series, each series spins off animated feature films. This upcoming film Pocket Monsters Diamond and Pearl the Movie: Phantom Ruler Zoroark features upcoming Pokémon Black and White character Zoroark. It will be released this summer.

アニメ「ポケットモンスター ダイヤモンド&パール」が2010年秋に完結、新シリーズへ移行か [GIGAZINE]


    I came here thinking you meant the anime was over or atleast the anime with Ash but after reading it it seems his just going to go to a new region.

    Also how do I stop it taking me to the australian kotaku stie. I want to go to the american one.

      You can click on the US link at the top of the page. But why would you want to? It's much nicer here.

        Breen? Is that you?

        But, but, it's fun to see all the nerd rage and discussions that they have over in the comments.

    ash is a failure as a pokemon trainer. he barely catches or evolve any of his good pokemon -_-

      Gary you arent nearly the half the pokemon master that Ash is. You think Pokemon are tools to reach for success but you fail to realize that Pokemon are like PokePeople, they are our friends.

        leave him alone - gary isnt like that anymore! he's a master trainer and poet - the likes you have never seen before! >:(

        you're probably ash or a friend of his posting under an alias, well did you forget gary helped you evolve gligar to gliscor with a free razor fang you ungrateful bastard.

        go back to pokemon training damn you! :P

        there is no need for friends in pokeworld. all you need are strong pokemon to take over ze world!

        i believe Gary beat Ash multiple times because he didnt use them to his full potential :P

      Your grandpa and I both call you "DOUCE".


    I dislike how the games can be so damn awesome for anyone, but to actually enjoy these new anime series you have to be about 5 to not sit there and say "OMG JUST CATCH THE DAMN THING! WTF WHY DID YOU LET IT GO FFS WTF ARE YOU DOING?!"

      And how Ash and his friends are ALWAYS fooled by Team Rockets terrible disguises. "Oh look guys! A talking Meowth! That clearly can't be the same Meowth from Team Rocket, so let's just carelessly give them our Pokemon and..."


      "Gee wizz guys, I had no idea."

    Has anyone else seen the explaination someone did about how Ash is actually in a coma and everything that happens in the anime series' is a dream created by Ash's mind to stop him from waking up. Here's an link to the copy uploaded to imageshack:
    Its slightly creepy, but it could actually make sense =P
    Which is why its slightly creepy I suppose.


    That was the best fanfiction, well thought story EVER!!

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