Dammit, We Nearly Had A LEGO Marvel Game!

While Traveller's Tales' LEGO games have already visited the DC comics universe, courtesy of the LEGO Batman game, did you know we almost got a LEGO game based on Marvel's characters as well?

Writing on his Twitter account - which seems to exist purely to field questions from developers for LEGO game ideas - TT's Jon Burton has said "We were THIS close to a Marvel LEGO a few years ago but Megabloks did an exclusive deal for Spider-man so that was that..."

Awww man. Megabloks? Who the hell buys Megabloks? What a waste. And to think, in a parallel universe, at this precise moment, people are trying to guess the characters slated to appear in Marvel vs Capcom vs LEGO.

[JonTt @ Twitter, via Go Nintendo]


    I assume that the deal must have been after the Spiderman lego sets.


    Lego Marvel would be cool, especially if they just crammed all the characters in one game.

      They would never put all the Marvel characters in one Lego game. There's almost 5,000 characters in the Marvel universe. They were going to do that with Marvel Universe Online, but that got canceled. *shakes fist*

        And it's restarted, I believe from a new company. We shall get or MMarvelO yet!

    Thank God that deal didn't go through. Hasn't LEGO tarnished their image enough with all the other branded sell-outs?

    Not that I should even care since I haven't messed with LEGO bricks in 20+ years. I'm just sick of seeing "LEGO Everything". It seems hard to find the "normal" LEGO sets anymore. Had some good memories of building planes and ships as a kid.

    jeez just do a marvel lego game without spiderman.

    Oh god...

    Do I dare say it...?


    "Lego Avengers ASSEMBLE!!!"

    I can't be alone in thinking that LEGO is the perfect place to make a Doctor Who game - the Doctor doesn't need a weapon, it's suitable for both kids and adults, you can play as a bucketload of different characters...

    TT, go buy the licence!

    Meh, the lego games are kind of lame anyways. I've never really understood the hype they get, and attempt to do so by playing them. I'm never impressed.

    Could still happen... right?

    One day it will - and they better! They would be stupid not to.

    Damn, that would have been awesome. It could still happen though, I mean this "exclusive" contract with Megabloks has to end sometime.

    But while we're waiting for that to happen, they could make something just as awesome like Lego Transformers The Video Game. That would be sweet.

    Couldn't they have just done a LEGO Marvel game without Spiderman? I don't see why loss of one character out of thousands should be a deal breaker...

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