Dancing Girls Always Get In The Way

Two Japanese gamers. One game. Multiple girls in skimpy clothes. And pole dancing. I'd buy that for a dollar!

For shits and giggles, two dudes decided to play through run-and-gun shooter Super Smash TV while running a "virtual girls dancing on your desktop" application. And they pretty much get in the way!

But that's the point here. The two players blast their way through, doing their best to stay alive and not get too distracted. There are two clips, and there kind of long and very much NSFW.

Think of this as an experiment in desensitisation. If you are not already numb, that is.

NSFW: Super Smash TV x VirtuaGirlHD [Tiny Cartridge]


    lol, this is fantastic! ^_^

    I love this game. Not sure what's going on in the background though :P

    bahahhaa awesome idea

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