Darksiders: The Book Of Hell (And Pretty Ladies)

A few months back, publishers THQ promised that early purchasers of Darksiders would get their hands on a "Hellbook", featuring concept art from the game. Well, those "books" are now on their way, and they look pretty good.

Course, they're not really "books". Just a collection of digital art, including things like pre-production art, promo pieces and even pictures of some pretty ladies, taken (then heavily photoshopped) for a spread in Complex magazine.

Those getting their hands on the book will be able to enjoy the whole thing, but for those not on THQ's list, enjoy the sampling in the galley below.


    Fairly standard stuff these days, what with all those fancy tablets and programs artists have these days.

      Yeah... I love how those "fancy tablets and programs" have a "make awesome art" feature completely removing the burden of needing to learn how to draw. I mean anyone can do that stuff, right?

    Damn, though this was a sequel or expansion announcement.

    "Book of Hell" would work.

    Where's the Joe Mad sketches and what's with the hooker???

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