Dead Rising Was "Too Japanese"

Man, Dead Rising was great. Was a little quirky, though. You could put that down to the fact it was about zombies and public bathrooms, but the game's developers have a simpler explanation.

"The first Dead Rising was built in a very Japanese style", Capcom's Shinsaku Ohara told CVG. "We had some help from America, but basically it was all done in a Japan. We wanted to do it better for a Western audience this time."

"Together, we've come up with crazier ideas than we did in the first game. What we didn't quite manage in Dead Rising 1 was that it still felt too Japanese. We're much closer to feeling like a Western game with this title."

We're sure he means a more intuitive front-end experience, and not that it'll just be brown, grey and with a splash of brown.

Dead Rising 'felt too Japanese' - Capcom [CVG]


    Well, it certainly had a prehistoric save system style that Japanese games tend to cling to in the face of progress...

    I gave up in annoyance after my save was stuck in a no-way-to-win situation, I'd saved too close to the start of a boss fight (the chick on the motorbike). Even though I could easily make it to her in time, the timer for her leaving expired during the middle of the combat so she'd always leave and I'd fail.


    the only way to resolve your issue was to start a new game ? waffle ? .... I HAVE NIGHTMARES ABOUT THESE KIND OF ISSUES ...

    Dead Rising is Japanese? I didn't notice at all.

    I loved it... just the right amount of bizzaro Japanese for my liking...

    I didnt think the save method was much of an issue.

    I am guessing I am the only one in the world who liked the save system.
    It gave your actions consequence and made the zombie horde actually a threat as one mistake could cost you so much. As the story was so short it was designed for multiple play-throughs to see what you could have done differently.
    An auto save when you went into different areas would have helped though.

      Oh and I didn't even know it was a Japanese game until I researched Capcom.

    Good game, but I ended up knee deep in shit at one point.

    And I understand the reasoning for save points and save systems like this one, but it doesn't help the fact that if you need to leave, but are nowhere near a save point, you either leave your console and TV on as a fire risk and energy waster, or lose progress.

      That's why games that use a savepoint should use a secondary save function that I've seen in some games. You can save at any time, but as soon as you save the game turns off, the save is good for one load and if die you go back to your last 'real' save point. That kind of saving is excellent for having a challenge between save points but allowing you to put the game down also if you need a break.

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