Demon's Souls Aussie Limited Edition Revealed

We revealed the official Australian release date of Demon's Souls earlier this afternoon. Now we can show you the official Australian limited edition.

When Namco Bandai releases Demon's Souls - the acclaimed PS3 exclusive RPG - on June 25, it will only be available in a limited edition pack, dubbed the Black Phantom Edition.

The pack includes:

* The game! * A soundtrack CD * A hard cover artbook * A strategy guide

Namco Bandai is keen to point out the artbook and strategy guide are "new" and not the same as previously offered with the North American special edition.

Demon’s Soul’s will be available from EB Games, GAME and JB Hi-Fi and other retailers whilst stocks last.

While you wait, enjoy a few new screens Namco Bandai sent across this afternoon.


    I wonder what the server situation will be. Will we get Australian servers and if not, who will we be joining for multiplayer invasions and helping hands?

      Also, "Black Phantom Edition". Nice. *covets*

      Well Atlus hosts the NA version of the game don't they? I'd say they will throw the Aussies and Europeans together into a server hosted by Namco-Bandai (most likely in Europe somewhere given our internet situation)

    So basically the same package it was sold as in the US with different cover art. If the books, etc are the same then this is a good thing. The US SE was excellent.

      Not sure if it's the same. I'm waiting on confirmation from Namco Bandai. The press release - which reads: "...a brand new hardback artbook filled with mesmerizing concept and game art images, a new strategy guide..." - suggests it's not the same.

        You mean I'm going to have to buy this twice now? ;)

          I was thinking the same thing, not just for the new stuff, but also if some of my friends pick up the Australian release and I can't try invade their games 'cause I have an imported copy. :P

          Sounds like it.
          Use the second copy to spread the gospel.

    I'm so very tempted to get it but I already own a HK copy I got when it came out last year.

    Only thing that disappointed me with this game is that the best shield/weapon combo in the game can be gotten in the 1st level (well, technicly the 2nd) which makes every other type of combo irrelivent. Still though this was worth every penny to import. If you own a PS3 you need this game. Until capcom make a Monster Hunter for the playstation, this is the game we have to make do with.

    Eh, speaking as someone with the NA artbook, it isn't worth it. Lots of brown and grey. Uncharted 2's "next gen filter" joke applies in spades to the artwork in this game.

    have a korean version myself... havent really played it though... will get around to it sometime, just haven't been in a hardcore mood lately

    Oooh, I love the red - with this edition plus my blueish NA edition, my collection will be like a Demon's Souls Pokemon!

    However, I do not approve of the 'best of 2009' crap on the cover from various press outlets.

    Nonetheless, I see me grabbing another copy of this marvelous gem of a game come June 25!

    *bangs head* I had to be so impatient and instead got a North American version when I went to the Philippines.

    As these critically acclaimed PS3 exclusives are the very reason I've joined the PS3 party this will be a rare release day purchase for me.

    Looking forward too it already.

      If you love a good challenge, then you won't be disappointed.

    any guesses on aussie pricing?

    The thing that comes to my mind is that the people who want to play it would of already imported it. I want the Aussie edition to sell well (to encourage more local releases) but I have a feeling that it just won't sell that many copies.

    Does anyone know when this will be available for pre-order at EB-Games, I just don't want to miss out on this version, it looks awesome

    Argh! you're kidding! ME want artbook!

    Maybe i can pawn off my copy of Demon's Souls to a pal, and pick up a copy of this?

    The price of getting it 3 months early is a steep one indeed!

    I play the Atlus (NA) version..hate the lag but still love DS pvp. Can't wait for a local server. I'd buy a PS3 just for this game if I didn't have one.

    I've already got the US version, so I can't see myself buying it again even though I love it.

    Out of curiosity, if I DID buy the Aussie version, would my existing save data from the US version work with it? Or would it see it as a completely different game?

      No the versions are different, you will not have any save games that will carry over from the US version.

        I have the atlus version and have been addicted to pvp for months now . I will get the aussie version if they have a local server . I already play with lag play against the US no point playing with the same lag if the only server is in europe

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