Dick Cheney, Video Game Villain?

Dick Cheney, Video Game Villain?

The president of the United States featured in this week’s newest Tom Clancy game, Splinter Cell: Conviction, looks like no real US president. She’s a woman. The possibly nefarious Vice President, however, looks familiar.

Without giving too much away about how good or bad the video game VP turns out to be, let’s just say that series hero Sam Fisher feels that, at least in one part of the game, the man one heartbeat away from the Presidency needs a good throttling.

The man in the game is not called Dick Cheney and there is no sign that we are supposed to make the game’s administration with that of George W. Bush. Still, the vice president, who could have been made to look like anybody, appears to resemble the United States’ previous, controversial #2 man in the White House.

Cheney’s previous brush with interactive greatness came in last fall’s blockbuster Modern Warfare 2. In that video game, Cheney was either a source of inspiration or irony, depending on your point of view.

Here’s a second image from the possible Cheney choke-out:


  • Still not entirely sold. It vaguely resembles Cheney, but then again, 90% of the people in US politics are White males aged 60+

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