Do You Really Want A Body Like Her?

In late March, images surfaced of former Mario Kart Wii pitch girl and bikini model Aki Hoshino. She looked dangerously thin. And now, she's back with a book about having the "ideal body".

Hoshino isn't simply the Mario Kart Wii pitch girl. She was one of many in that ad campaign, and the campaign itself was just one of many in a laundry list of game promotions she has been involved with. It's typically for bikini models to show up at game press events. She was on hand when Microsoft launched its short-lived "Xbox 360 Lounge" in Tokyo's Aoyama.

There is even a PSP game from Capcom that features Hoshino — and a bikini as a special limited edition-type freebie. Her activities are not limited to video game promotion as she pops up on TV. Her bread and butter is modelling, however.

She has always been thin, but her most recent magazine layout showed her looking, well, not exactly healthy.

The 33-year-old's new book has Hoshino dispensing makeup advice and provide tips on how women can keep their figure. The title is "Hoshino Body", which is also a Japanese pun that roughly means "Desirable Body".

"If you read this book, you'll be able to look like me," Hoshino told reporters. But, I don't think I'd want any woman to look like her...

Being healthy and exercising and taking care of oneself are incredibly important. This doesn't seem to be that. This is not attractive. It's sad.

What is even more concerning considering how young Japanese women seem increasingly obsessed with being razor thin. Someone like Hoshino, while her ribs and pelvis bone sticking out, isn't a good role model. At all.

Want to look like Aki Hoshino? Read her book [Japan Today][Pic, Pic, PicPic]


    I'm really disappointed that Kotaku is suddenly commenting on body type...Aside from the fact you've decided she's unhealthy (I'm a healthy weight range for my height, and would probably resemble her in that pose) and Kotaku has never been the forum for discussing such guys are seriously disappointing me by posting this shock journalism.

    YES there is something worth discussing (elsewhere) about Japanese society that this is being touted as an ideal body type, because anything that cites ONE body type as ideal is not healthy. And people can be healthy all shapes and sizes! I don't see how this is more than vaguely related to gaming, and either way you have tackled this issue with insensitive, triggering language.

    People who think like you are the reason I got teased all the way through school because people decided I wasn't 'healthy'. I thought as a geek friendly place, you might understand what it is to be unaccepted for physical appearance. Think for one second before you publish stuff like this, please.

      I think the author's comments of it being 'unattractive' are uncalled for. But it's just an opinion piece attempting to discourage people who cannot naturally reproduce such an appearance from attempting to with poor nutrition and overzealous exercise.

      FACT: If you look like her in that photo, you are not healthy. Get help.

      Geek friendly doesn't mean we're all fat ugly slobs that would be accepting of all shapes and sizes. Geeks/nerds are some of the most critical people in the world, and Gawker media, who own Kotaku, are about page hits, not conforming to an ideal about what they should and shouldn't post. It's a blog, not a news source, so a lot of things on here will be one persons opinion.

      It sucks that feel that way tho, I'm sure you have a banging body! This post should probably reside in one of the off topic kotaku posts.

      Actually, from a scientific point of view, if you're that thin, you are most likely not healthy. Although asians tend to have a BMI lower than other races, she most likely does not meet the criteria. There are exemptions to that rule of course, people with higher metabolic rates who don't have muscle bulk can still be healthy without having an ideal weight. Sumo wrestlers can be waaay above the recommended BMI but their body fat is distributed in places that aren't hazardous to their health. But the point is, this chick is starving herself. It's a disturbing trend I see happening waaay too often. Being underweight can be just as unhealty as being overweight. I'm going on the assumption that you are one of those people who eat but don't gain weight and that's fine, but what this girl is doing to herself is not.

      Truth is, people can't be all shapes and sizes and be healthy (well they can but this is rare). The BMI, as flawed as it is, still serves as an ok guide to what an optimum weight should be. And for those of you who want to be wafer thin, for the love of all that is holy, DON'T DO IT.

      Good to see that you've got your head on straight, Brian. It makes me sick when I hear of people starving themselves cuz of some dodgey view of what an "ideal body" is. Though I'd have to agree, maybe this should be off topic haha.

    I told you so, ERRR.

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