Do You Recognise This War For Cybertron Preorder Bonus?

Transformers: War for Cybertron is all about exploring the original Cybertronian Wars through the eyes of re-imagined first generation Transformers. Then who the hell is this Amazon preorder-exclusive multiplayer character?

As we've mentioned previously, Gamestop customers who preorder War for Cybertron will score a code to unlock cold, emotionless Shockwave for multiplayer play. Now Activision reveals the Amazon-exclusive preorder character, and it isn't a Generation One character at all.

If you need a clue, check the eyes.

Yes, that's Demolishor, Megatron's most loyal soldier from the Transformers: Armada cartoon. In that series he transformed into a futuristic tank-looking thing. Later, in the Transformers: Energon cartoon, Demolishor worked with the Autobots, betrayed the reborn Megatron, died and was reborn as a dump truck.

So there you are, game purchasers. A one-eyed tank that's destined to become a dump truck. Enjoy!


    Funny, for a moment I thought it was Blitzkrieg, which would've been much much cooler.

    Unless these become available later.
    Amazon, Gamestop and anyone else can go to hell, this garbage is dividing our community.

    How about Blockbuster have an exclusive on Iron Man 2 movie so you get an the real ending only at Blockbuster.

    Bullshit Marketing.

    It's demolisher. Did I spell that right?

      Demolishor - Hasbro always spells it with the "OR" at the end as a trademarked name.

      I think Amazon's page for this spells the name wrong.

    Brett could mean 'Blitzwing' - which was my first guess too.

    Two separate pre-order bonus characters? I wasn't aware this happened, or that rival companies (Amazon and GameStop) would allow this.

    Regardless, Demolishor looks terrible. I just hope we get Shockwave in Australia. Well, actually, I don't care, he's not the best looking either. He is nice, though.

    Either way, this game is a definite buy. I <3 Gen 1 Megatron.

      GameStop = EB, so you'll get Shockwave here if you want it. Personally, I don't support one company paying for exclusive content and passing the price on to consumers through all their products and some interesting marketing practices like their $3 guarantee.

    I would not care if they made a DL character pack and pre-orders got it free. I would not care if you got a differant skin on some characters. For Example a Black Bumblebee called "Stealth Mode Bumblebee".

    But different characters for Pre-orders at different locations is just BS. I wonder what characters EB and JB will get.

    My only hope is they are solo play or clones of other bots so it's fair online.

    Also I read Blitzkreig as Blitzwing without even thinking, wasn't until Jarrod pointed it out that I went back and re-read it.

    Robert: Bad news, Video stores are already doing exclusives some video stores get certain movies as exclusives so you need to go to them to rent it. Not sure if it still happens but I know it did, not on major releases though.

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