Does StarCraft II Require An Internet Connection?

Last we'd heard, StarCraft II was playable offline, but the box art for Wings of Liberty clearly states "Internet Connection Required". Has there been a change in plans?

Screenshots distributed at BlizzCon last year had us questioning whether or not StarCraft II would require an internet connection to play. The launch screen for the game contained a login prompt, leading fans already concerned with the game's lack of LAN support to worry over lack of online support as well.

Blizzard's Rob Pardo set us straight that weekend, saying, "You can play in offline mode if you want - I just don't think you're going to want to", suggesting the online features you'd be giving up are too appealing to miss.

Now the box art is telling us that both an internet connection and a account are required to play. What gives?

We contacted Blizzard's Bob Colayco, who clarified the situation for us.

"An initial activation check-in is required, which we also have been mentioning since BlizzCon and even before that. The campaign and other solo aspects of the game are still playable offline after your initial activation."

That seems completely reasonable, doesn't it? I mean, if you don't have access to the internet whatsoever, how are you reading this? Your phone? Don't be ridiculous, phones don't have the internet.


    Ugh, it's that's pretty craptastic. I thought at least blizzard would stay clear of this stupid DRM stuff.

      "“An initial activation check-in is required, which we also have been mentioning since BlizzCon and even before that. The campaign and other solo aspects of the game are still playable offline after your initial activation.”"

      Er, They're not going the Ubi path here. Lots of games have initial online activation, so what's the difference here?

        yeah this isnt DRM this is pure and simple account management

        much like Dragon Age requireing your CD key to be tethered to your EA account

    I don't have internet, i'm reading this through the power of my magic dog bowel.

    In Mother Russia, Blizzard Screws YOU! wait...

    i have no interest in playing it online so dosnt bother me

    Well it's more reasonable than a total lock-out for offline players, but it's still invasive DRM that requires your PC to report in to some authority. It's like saying that a slap in the face is more reasonable than a closed fist..

      I'd like to think of it as more of a hard prod.

      Either way, it's a lot better than the original plan.

    "The campaign and other solo aspects of the game are still playable offline after your initial activation."

    So that means that there is still no LAN multiplayer......which is what the original was pretty much made for....gayyyyy.

    Blizzard Needs > Community Wants
    else, no more Blizzard games.

    Blizzard are a business, and this isn't 1998 anymore, they aren't going to smile and say "Well we will get enough sales anyway despite the huge amount of piracy if we make it easier", they are still making a product tailored to the desire of the community, but they still have to do what suits them, there's a reason you don't get to choose what content you get in a magazine, the editor knows better than you.

    I don't think in the last 10 years, I've been to a LAN cafe without an internet connection, you will still be able to play multiplayer in that environment, if your argument is about low latency and convenience, you are suffering for the sins of others, simply denying that fact is completely unreasonable, as soon as Blizzard acknowledges that piracy is a reason to write off sales, it should be obvious what negative effects that can have on the wider communities view of piracy.

    I'm in the SC2 beta and Battle.Net 2.0 certainly doesnt make the game unplayable, maybe once or twice in about 30 games have I suffered due to lag. If you are planning to play the game at such high levels that this will effect you dramatically I'm sure you already know about services like and any other issue should be taken up with Australia's poor broadband setup.

    Regardless of what Blizzard do however, the game is going to be cracked and people are going to play offline, after enough time, there will be illegal servers just like what SC1 has now and likely a LAN client, yet still, in the meantime if you have a computer that can run Starcraft 2, when is it not on the internet? (in the case of a laptop, it will be online ONCE to activate) Blizzard isn't going to install any software on your computer that slows you down or messes with your system. Are people going to be upset that you can't play online multiplayer without an internet connection? it's foolish and arrogant to think you have rights over the way they do business.

    The problem really stems from the fact that in other industries, theft isn't considered as an option to a potential buyer. I don't have any solid statistics, but it's fair to say that a huge majority of people who pirate music, movies and games wouldn't consider stealing t-shirts or hamburgers, but for some reason it's acceptable here and the industry needs to do what it has to to combat the belief that it's OK to commit these crimes, if you can come up with the appropriate solution to this problem, I'm sure Blizzard will be incredibly happy to implement a LAN solution.


      ugh the justification most will give you for there piracy is that its not actually a physical product which means there isnt some kid in a sweatshop making the shirt you just stole thats not gonna gets his bread now

      Music for be is different i want 320kbps and itunes refuses to give me that
      so the music get pirated while i have a pile of unopened CD's sitting on my desk that actually represent what ive downloaded in most cases

      Movies/TV well were in australia really nuff said but to put a point out im halfway through the pacific a show that is yet to come out in australia

      or 3 seasons into chuck that hasnt been on public TV and the first season didnt come out on pay until after the 2nd was finished from memory

        But there are still people sitting in a development studio not getting their bread. People will look at a company like Blizzard and say "it's ok they've got so much money anyway" and with Blizzard being somewhat of an exception, most profits from games goto publishers, not the people who actually create the content, a lot of studios shut down because the return on investment for the publishers isnt good enough to pay them to do it again, that money needs to come in to make more games.

    activation sux. why? You cant install it on pc without internet. you cant install it if you IP is bttlenet banned - my campus IP is banned duo to a lot of people trying to play battlenet games and IF THERE IS A LOT OF CONNECTIONS FROM ! IP IT'S CONSIDERED CHEATING = IP BAN.
    Now you see what's the problem? I ordered collectors ed just for single player. and I will not be able to play. sweet...

    You could always tether your phone to your PC.

    This is unfortunate seeing as I am currently deployed and miraculously managed to procure a copy only to find that the website we have to activate this on is blocked for our protection of course. I will have to wait till I get back to the states before I can break it in. At least I didnt have to stand in a long line like many others.

    Im a soldier in the US ARMY deployed in afghanistan and there is no wifi for me to connect my laptop to for me to install. We have all government computers here. So i bought the game and got fucked because i cant even install it. Fucking blizzard man.

      I hear ya there... why couldn't somebody already find something in the registry that explains why the first thing it does is ask for the patch right whenever you first install the game? Also in Afghanistan, and using the SPAWAR in which I cannot as you know hook up my personal laptop to. Our wifi here is waiting on replacement equipment. If your FOB is needing internet, look up IO Global or JPI Worldwide.

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