Dogs Show Their Inferiority When Faced With An IPad

Surely by now you've seen how well a cat can perform when faced with Noby Noby Boy and a virtual piano on an iPad. But what about a Welsh Corgi? Brace for massive head tilting and pure canine cowardice.


    This made me happy

    Hell no. That dog just had too much class. He knows junk electronics when it sees them.

    Proof as to why cats are better and smarter than dogs.

    ...that's because the dog was smart enough to know the ipad is a joke.

    no it proves that cats evolved to use keen fine motor skills and figure out problems on a more precise level, which is why they prefer to play with small springy jingly toys and feathers and bells.
    dogs evolved in a different way, hunting large beasts and other animals. in a more gross motor type of way.
    which means their brains function differently to each other, as a result, cats are able to conceptualize things they see on monitors and dogs are less able to.

    it doesnt make them "smarter" then the other, its much more complex then that.

    these videos are fucking awesome tho

    My first lol of the day.

    Dawwwww little cutie's gonna do something cute. SHAD UP YA BUMS!!! SHAD UP!!! Go ahead sweet heart.

    Yes, but can a cat order Microsoft points on an Xbox? :)

    That's the animal equivalent of "That thing is the DEVIL!!"

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