Don The Iron Man 2 Armour In PlayStation Home

Iron Man 2 is coming to cinemas next week, but he's making a pit stop in Europe's PlayStation Home this Thursday, with the service's first movie-themed mini-game and your chance to win your own set of virtual Iron Man armour.

Pilot Tony Stark through the streets of the big city, dodging mines and picking up arc reactors in the Iron Man 2 mini-game, coming to the Audi space in PlayStation Home this Thursday, April 29. It's the first movie-related mini-game in PlayStation Home, and Paramount is marking the occasion by giving away what could be the coolest Home avatar costume ever.

Sure, you can just answer some Iron Man questions at terminals located throughout the Audi space to win a free t-shirt, but what's a t-shirt when you can be sporting a full suit of power armour?

You've got to work for the prize, however. Paramount will be awarding the shell-head casing to the top ten players in the mini-game's leaderboards, so you'd better be good.

Me? I'm hoping desperate begging works.

Sadly, this is a Europe-only promotion due to there being no Audi space in North America. Boo.

Check out the game in action below, and visit the game's web page for more info.

Iron Man 2 in Playstation Home from PPC Interactive on Vimeo.


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