Don't Like That Last Result? Rewrite History In FIFA World Cup

Once the World Cup begins in June, gamers with the 2010 FIFA World Cup edition will be able to download and replay actual scenarios from the tournament, hours after they happen.

Electronic Arts bills the DLC series as the "Story of the Finals," which will complement the existing "Story of Qualifying" replay mode that will be shipped with FIFA 10 World Cup on April 27. That mode offers more than 50 scenarios to replay (assuredly one of them Ireland vs. France). So this set of free DLC will do the same thing for the tournament final to be held from June 11 to July 11 in South Africa.

Having not seen the "Story of Qualifying" it's hard to tell what exactly this entails. That screen above sets out specific objectives for your replay, but it's not clear whether it includes whole game replays with authentic rosters (such as one may do in NBA Live 10), or if it's limited to picking up a game at a critical point, as has been done in past editions of Madden and NCAA Football.

EA Sports also didn't say how many scenarios it would supply or when in the World Cup Final they would be first offered, whether we'd see them in non-elimination group play, or beginning with the knockout stage. Given the interest in the U.S.-England matchup, I'd have to say the former.


    We'll be replaying the group stages a lot then. Fun.

    You could probably just about pick all the 50 scenarios as well.

    Ireland vs France second leg
    Egypt vs Algeria play-off
    Argentina vs Bolivia in Le Paz (high altitude)
    Argentina's last match to qualify, the one where Maradona went absolutely beserk at reporters
    England vs Croatia, score four goals with Walcott probably as an objective
    Russia vs Germany, winner goes through to World Cup and the loser gets into playoffs
    Russia vs Slovakia second leg
    Australia's last qualifying game ... dont concede a goal (which would have made us the only nation to not concede a goal during all of qualifying in the entire World Cup qualifiers)
    Cameroon's last game where they needed to win by two goals
    Scotland vs Netherlands last game of group stages
    Peru vs Argentina (Peru 0-0 at halftime, hold out to knock Argentina out of the world cup)
    Mexico vs USA @ Mexico (this one was already announced)
    New Zealand vs Bahrain playoffs


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