Dr Horrible's Sing Along Game Gets More Horrible

Did you happen to catch musically gifted chiptune artist Doctor Octoroc's 8-bit reinterpretation of Joss Whedon's musical internet phenomenon Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog? Did you love it? Good news, the Horrible retro saga continues!

Part 2, logically the follow up to Part I of Dr Horrible's Sing Along Game is now yours for the enjoying. It has everything you need from a sequel - more of the same NES style role-playing game aesthetic, more Neil Patrick Harris in 16 colours and more beautifully engineered music. All with a dash of Joss Whedon humour!

Oh, and this time, it's been split into two savoury parts. Watch part two of Act 2 below...

8-Bit Dr. Horrible (Act 2) is Finished! [Doctor Octoroc]


    Yes, there's more now! Can someone please make this into an actual NES game? I'll give you cookies!

      That would be so awesome!!!

        Especially since my NES still works. Haha I wonder how much we'd have to pay someone. Or how many cookies we'd have to make...

    Also of note is that the creator has put MP3s of all the chiptunes available for download. Going by the song titles, it seems to cover the whole series and not just the 2 Acts he's released so far.

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