Drawn Rocker Schoolgirls Getting Their Own Video Game

If you follow anime, you probably know K-On!, which depicts the adventures of four Japanese schoolgirls in their high school music club. Here's the anime's opening theme song:

This tune charted at 4 on the Japanese charts. The ending theme, Don't Say "Lazy", reached number 2.

The anime, which ran last year, was produced by Kyoto Prefecture-based Kyoto Animation, the same studio behind the Haruhi Suzumiya anime adaptation. In a message on the show's website, the news that a game version is forthcoming has been revealed. It is noted that fans have been requesting a K-On! game.

Details are scant, but the title will be published by Sega. Still unconfirmed, but smart money says the title with either be a music game or have music mini-game elements.

TBSアニメーション・けいおん!!公式ホームページ / 最新情報 [TBS]


    yay! would definitely buy.
    keion daisuki!!

    This anime represents the downfall of the anime idustry, where simply making an anime built on nothing is the main attraction.

    What happened to the good ol'days where there was a little bit of philosophy mixed in with giant robots beating each other up.

      If gundam counts, that series is also basically dead to some extent. We need a new hero to grace anime...

      ...or a Heroman?

        theres a Trigun movie comming

        (and Afro Samurai is good IMO)

    K-On is a sign of the degradation of anime into crappy newage, slow moving, story less, perverted moe-blob crap.

    For some odd reason, I'm reminded of Lucky star by the characters. Anyway, aside from Skip beat, I haven't really bothered with anime.
    And what's the chances of this game coming here anyway?

    Moe Moe Kyun~!

    <3 K-on, i don't think there are enough songs to justify a game though?

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