Duke Nukem Forever Developer Will Take Your Questions Now, No Matter How Stupid

George Broussard, main man at the house the Duke Nukem built—and eventually demolished—3DRealms, is giving his dedicated followers and detractors an open forum in which to ask him almost anything, like "Will Duke Nukem Forever ever see the light of day?"

Unfortunately and predictably, Broussard's answer to that question is isn't really an answer: "Magic 8-Ball says 'Concentrate and ask again.'" It's doubtful that anyone looking forward to Duke Nukem Forever over the course of its 13-year-long development cycle expected anything more substantial.

But Broussard has plenty to say on other topics. For one, he'd love to make a sequel to Shadow Warrior, given the interest from the right parties. On another, his favourite Duke game not created in-house at 3D Realms? Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project.

George is also somewhat of an RPG fan it turns out, favouring the Diablo and Oblivion brand of role-playing game. His greatest RPG wish? "I would LOVE to see EA pull its head out of its arse and resurrect the Ultima ip (which is one of the best known brands in gaming) and tackle a next-gen, full-sized, epic, Ultima game."

Broussard is taking your questions at Formspring, but who knows for how long.

George Broussard [Formspring]


    "But the hippies still cried. Their tears were delicious."

    I love it!

    I sent him a question: (I forgot to copy it before I posted it, so I'll paraphrase it as best I can)

    DNF has been delayed many times because of the technology/engine becoming outdated prematurely. George, has it ever occurred to you that Duke fans want nothing more than a game that is true to the humour and style of Duke 3D, regardless of the tech?

      Don't forget my good man that no matter how much some people would like those 2 qualities. everyone now is a graphics ho and anything less than brilliant would fail epically. sad but unfortunately true. and even true fans would be disappointed at a low level of graphics. :( i for one and all for gameplay over graphics.

    Swipe, you are absolutely wrong. Anything better than Duke Nukem 3D would have made me happy. Don't bag me in with your generalisation.

    Dragonage looked average yet did stunningly

      That's your idea of "average"? Wow.

      I thought the graphics were amazing :S

      Then again, i'm still thoroughly in love with sprites and hold out the idea that some RPG company will make a new game using sprites instead of 3d art.


        I whole heartedly agree with the statement about 2D sprites. As long as the game was stylised and artistic, as opposed to looking like real, you could do amazing things with sprites in a modern game.

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