Duke Nukem Forever Leaks Once Again With New, Old Footage

It's been more than two whole months since the last leak from Duke Nukem Forever, so a fresh look at what could've been, particularly previously unseen driving sequences, is overdue.

Much of what you'll see in the collection of Duke Nukem Forever clips you may have seen before. The latest collection, current as of this weekend, combines old leaks from 3D Realms' still unfinished first-person shooter, plus what appears to be footage of Mr Nukem driving a monster truck at monsters.


    The guy who does the voice for Duke sound like the most bored and uninterested person on the planet.

      I agree. It has to be some of the worst voice acting I've ever heard.
      "Fuck, not another puzzle..."

      THIS GAME LOOKS SO FRIGGIN AWESOME... you guys are blind - i hope some other company buys the rights to finish it.

    I'm beginning to see why it was canned...

    This one picture just reminds me of Monster Truck Madness 2. I wonder why?

    Lest we forget

    AM I to be stoned for saying that it doesn't look too terrible, indeed much better and more advanced than I had been led to believe the game was.

    That doesn't look too bad - in a Serious Sam kind way.

    i thought it looks alright for a bit of brain-dead fun!

    only, with gameplay like that you could only hope the campaign isn't too long lest it became tedious.

    I miss Duke and seeing that footage makes me sad. What made it better than any other 1st person was it was a simple shoot the monster game with awesome weapons (those trip mines were fun). No real story was needed and didn't need to be state of the art graphics for it to be fun.

    They'd have to be fucking insane not to release this in some form or another... you guys who doubt Duke will eat your words :D

    the reason it was canned was because the company that were making it went bust and voice acting is the same in all dukes

    The voice is obviously not Jon St. John and is a placeholder.

    I want it :( Looks great. To all the people saying Dukes voice sucks, if you knew anything about Duke this is how he has always talked.

    i dont know, i think it actually looked really crappy to be perfectly honest.

    i think the 2001 trailer was the best looking and better detailed, this collection though just made it look like an extremely bland and boring game.

    check your sources, broussard stated himself that this is a fan made video from old footage.

    OMG!!1! An FPS that actually recognises and revels in the genre's absurdities?!?! Oh noes!!11!

    I love my shooters, but the genre is getting so stale if you're not heavily into multiplayer.

    R.I.P. Duke, the world is poorer for your passing...

    According to G.B. This is a fake video (says on his formspring).

      and by fake that basically means that he grabbed some videos and stuck on a terrible terrible voice.

    Xbox, only place you can buy dustbinned retro games in STUNNING HD !

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