Duke Nukem Forever's Gold Date Would Have Been April Fool's

Had the farce of its development not abruptly dead-ended in May of last year, April 1, 2010 was to have been the date Duke Nukem Forever went to gold master - that is, was at last finished.

The detail was revealed over Twitter by former Take-Two Interactive producer Jason Bergman on April 1, so, naturally, a lot of people thought it was a hoax. Bergman in followup tweets vowed it was not, and that the team deliberately chose April Fool's day as the gold date - likely for the meltdown it would have caused in the gaming press.

(I don't even want to imagine being on shift for such a thing. First, it's this game. There would be enormous pressure on both sides: Not publishing, or going with it. Then throw in that it's April Fool's, and the people confirming the rumour have had, let's say, limited credibility on this subject in the past. Though to announce Duke Nukem Forever is on the way and have gaming news outlets deliberately not publish that is admittedly hilarious.)

The Cut Scene reached out to Bergman and was assured by Bergman the April 1, 2010 date was true. That would have meant we'd have finally had Duke Nukem Forever by late Spring or early Summer.

Today was the Day 'Duke Nukem Forever' was Scheduled to Go Gold - Really [Cut Scene]


    Don’t lie, it’s not classy.

    This exact same song and dance about how this game is totally just around the corner is the same way they fooled people for over a decade. I seriously doubt a single meaningful line of code was ever written for the game. Remember how quickly the 3d realms head honcho said that every screenshot, trailer and piece of information released was fake?, only after being fired of course. Now they expect us to believe they actually had it almost done?.

    The joke may be on us for believing this for so long, but it’s getting old.

      I reckon epic games should just buy it seeing:
      1. they have the money
      2. for the lols

      It would work. hahah and they can base it on the unreal engine 4. At least we can wait 3 years knowing it WILL come out, and it might actually be worth playing after all the fuss

    i think maybe you are forgetting that duke nukem is fucking awesome

    The fact it is based on some really old but heavily modified gaming engine and although been in "development" for years and years but probably only a year or two cause they would have kept starting from scratch - means one thing: its not going to be a really great game.

    Screw DNF, just go out and buy/pirate DN3d and download the eDuke32 patch. Congrats, you now have DNF.

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