Even A Cat Can Play IPad Games

If anyone ever asks you whether or not iPad apps are difficult or not, show that human this clip. And do it, pronto.

Feline friend "Iggy" checks out app Noby Noby Boy (the iPad version of the PS3 title) and then plays around with the Magic Piano app. His owner says that Iggy's paws are "less greasy greasy" than his. And the screen? The screen, apparently, was fine!

It looks like Apple has hit upon a large and still untapped demographic. Cats! Who knew?


    kinda proves that even morons can use macs

      Kind of proves your flame based comment also has little merit when related to the video.

      That cat is awesome.

      "kinda proves that only morons can use macs"


      I think this cat will soon be tweeting and blogging about the iPad and "social media".

    I'll be convinced when a monkey can use it.

    *sigh* Yet another waste of space iPad article... what's next? 'My iPad and my romantic bath together...'?

    That is one of the most awesome things I have ever seen!

    Awww, the poor thing is probably so confused. Wonder how long till a screen grab is on lolcats

    Lol funny stuff, but was I the only one cringing the whole time? It's cute and all, but I'd be too worried about the screen! I know they are hard to scratch, but there's no way I'd let my cat near it at all!

    It's a brand new market sector being hunted by Nintendo and Apple.

    Although is there a DJ Hero on the iPad? This cat'd be gold at it

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