Even Lara Croft Deserves A Snow Day

Toy company Sideshow will be releasing this Lara Croft statue later this year, which is unique for the fact that the emphasis is on her face and equipment, not her... equipment.

The design of the statue is inspired by Lara's look in Tomb Raider: Underworld, which is probably my favourite of the lot. I just think she looks more like she sounds, and what she does for a living, than she did when she was all pointy chins and tiny tanktops.

This kind of detail doesn't come cheap, and if you'd like to pick up Lara Croft: Snow Day (that's its actual name), it'll set you back a cool $US260.


    That looks nothing like Lara Croft...

      Having nearly every other statue, as well as every game, I would agree!

    Cambodia!!! =D

    Still looks like Pamela Anderson boobs to me.

    That's very pretty! Though to get this or the Tomb Raider artbook... >.<

    I'd be more concerned with, why is she sitting like she's constipated?

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