Even The People Selling 3D TVs Know The Hype Seems Like A Joke

Samsung viral ad for their 3D TVs, full of silly 3D versions of classic paintings. Imagine if 3D TVs could be half as superfluous for video games. Via Gearbox chief Randy Pitchford's Twitter feed.


    This ad is lols, much like the entire concept.

    This tech, and every pop collar bogans brand new expensive as hell 'Avatar Watcher' will be obsolete before you can call your bank manager to tell him your defaulting on the next five house repayments.

    Bring on neural jacksalready... PFSSSH!!!

    samsungs, as with most LCD 3D tech, is a big joke. plasma is the only way to go for 3D IF you have to get a 3D TV. the comparisons so far on the web are pretty conclusive (and eye-opening) and LCD just plain sucks, try lying down on the couch and watching a black screen.

    i think TV in general is not for 3D, whereas a projector makes perfect sense. you don't watch 3D all the time just like you don't need to watch on a projector all the time. have your TV for 2D and your projector for 3D and movies/games. that and the complete lack of immersion offered by all but the largest 80+" TVs kinda defeats the purpose.

    get a projector for 3D, that's what i'll be doing.

    Holy CRAP that was hilarious.

    Anyway, I'm probably not going to even get a 1st gen 3D TV. Not enough content and too costly. I'm happy waiting for TVs with the kind of 3D which doesn't require glasses. By then, 3D should be mainstream anyway, with more content, and a little longer and it'll be relatively cheap.

    Is that the voice of Bob Fossil from the Boosh? or am i just tripping out

    I can see the complaints coming in already from folks disappointed that they can't look around objects like on the ad.

    Still, that was damn funny.

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