Extremely Rare Atari Cartridge Goes Up For Auction

Extremely Rare Atari Cartridge Goes Up For Auction

The title of “Holy Grail of Video Games” changes almost monthly, or whenever an extremely rare specimen hits eBay. The latest claimant: a weird-shaped Atari 2600 cart by the name of Air Raid.

It’s the box, not the weird T-shaped handle on the cartridge, that makes this game so rare. The game itself was a Taiwanese hack of a game called Space Jockey, and until now, a box of the game had never surfaced.

“We had a chance to view the box in person and have no reason to doubt its authenticity,” says Atari Age. The seller says he bought it in the mid-1980s from a store in Texas. The price tag is still on the box.

The game up to $US6,500 with more than 8 days left until the auction closes. When a factory-sealed copy of Stadium Events shattered the record for a rare game in February, selling for more than $US40,000, it was at $US17,000 after two days of bidding. Who knows if this will break that mark.

Purported Ultra Rare Air Raid Box Up For Auction [GameSetWatch]


  • Everyone’s on the “sell rare cartridges online” bandwagon these days aren’t they?. It kinda makes me wonder if these aren’t all just knock off’s. The fact that they only want box is just insulting now, with 10 mins free time, photoshop and a trip to office works I can print out my own rare box art.

    This one seems legit, but I’m willing to lay down money in the next month we will see at least 5 exact factory sealed “original” versions of this pop up.

  • The thing is, even if you bought this for 2 trillion dollars and told everybody that it’s the only one in the world with a box, who’s going to care? You could put this game on display in a gaming museum and nobody’s going to be impressed. Sigh.

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