F.3.A.R. Trailer Features Pregnant Lady Scary


    It's funny just the other day I was wondering when Fear 3 would come out and I google it and nothing and I was thinking it might never happen and then suddenly all this new Fear 3 stuff comes out.

    It's awesome getting to see what Point man looks like.

    That was a terrible trailer. Bad terrible, not horror terrible.

    my 1st reaction was "thank goodness I didnt 'romance' Jack in ME2"

    What a bizarre hybrid of live action and game footage. :S

    Lol at the seriously cheesy voice in that, but still I want the game. Had some fun with the first two

    Lets hope the PC version has lean

    Wow, that was absolutely awful.

    I never played the FEAR series, but didn't the main character in FEAR 2 get raped by her at the very end. So, wouldn't that child (thing) be your character's child (from Fear 2)??

    I hope they make FEAR scary again.

    That... was abysmal.

    My god, the cheese, she is thick.

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