F1 Driver Plays Modern Warfare 2 While Riding A Bike

When you're the nephew of a world famous three-time Formula One champion, you take any rare opportunity for me-time that you get. Here Brazil's Bruno Senna combines his morning cardio with some Modern Warfare 2.

Before you dismiss this or even think "Oh hell, I should try that," realise that he's on a bicycle roller, not a stationary brace. That means Senna has to balance himself while aiming down his sights, else he'll drift off the apparatus. But then, Senna's probably demonstrated a superior ability to make decisions and keep steady at speed, so this shouldn't be surprising.

Translation from the description on the YouTube page: "Learning to multitask. Bike + roller + MW2 COD on the PS3. Good with F1 + + G-Force multi-function steering wheel!"

Bruno Senna Concentrado Entrenando MultiTarea Training Multitask [YouTube via Twitter]


    I train on a wind trainer, not as balance intensive as the rollers, but this video gives me an awesome idea. Now to get the wind trainer in the house instead of out in the garage without the girl noticing.

    Considering his performance so far in the car this season maybe he should skip the games and concentrate on actually finishing a race or at least qualifying somewhere that's not the rear end of the field.

    Keyboard and mouse FTW!

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