Final Fantasy Company Ready To Release "Edgier" Games

Square Enix, the company best known for its Japanese role-playing games Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games, is ready to release some of the more "extreme" games in The Land of the Rising Sun.

Square Enix has been localizing Western games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (pictured) and is poised to release racing game Blur and first-person shooter Singularity. None of those titles are too extreme — like, says, Gears of War, which got a CERO Z (Japanese equivalent of Adults Only) when released in Japan by Capcom.

In the future, Square Enix plans on releasing harder-edged titles through its new imprint, Square Enix Extreme Edges. The label will let consumers know that the game is not typical Square Enix fare.

As website Siliconera points out, Square Enix has not yet released a CERO Z title. But now that it has acquired European developer Eidos and is keen to release more Western developed games, a CERO Z Square Enix title doesn't sound too far off...

Square Enix Starts Label For Extreme Western Games [Siliconera]


    I'd settle for them releasing, you know... better games.

    Edgier like... Kingdom Hearts 3?

    The FF series should really be changed. Not necessary edgier per se...

    but at least decent dialog that doesn't stop the flow of the game... or point out the obvious so frequently.

    Spikey haired protagonist: "This looks like a safe place to rest"

    Emo party member: "Yes it is located away from the crowd and the enemies will not find us here"

    Jailbait: "We should rest up and go see the King tomorrow"

    Love interest jailbait:"You can explore the town if you like, then come back here and rest up"

    sound familiar?? All that can be done in one freakin sentence.
    "This place is as good as any to take a break, I'll go check out the town and meet you guys back here later"

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