Final Fantasy XIII PS3 'Nearly Doubles' Xbox 360 Version

First month figures for Final Fantasy XIII are in, with the North American version of Square Enix's role-playing game epic moving more than 1.3 million copies in the United States. The vast majority of those were on the PlayStation 3.

According to an early statement from Sony Computer Entertainment, the PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIII "sold nearly double the Xbox version". In actual numbers, that broke down to 828,200 copies of the game snapped up by those in the Sony camp and 494,300 who preferred the Xbox 360 version. A win for Sony, but also a good showing for Microsoft, who snatched console exclusivity from the PlayStation side in 2008.

To compare, the last entry in the main Final Fantasy series, PlayStation 2 game Final Fantasy XII sold 896,000 copies during its first month of release in the US in November 2006.

Final Fantasy XIII was the first Final Fantasy to launch day-and-date on Microsoft and Sony consoles in the United States.


    I've just been hiring my xbox one from my local video store for 2 dollars every thursday, lol. I think I've spent 4 dollars so far and I'm 15 hours in.

    Impressive numbers for 360 especially with the hate around for that version. I'd be quite surprised if future games (post Versus XIII) will not be built specifically to be multi platform.

    It's also not suprising as the series has never been on a ms platform. Only ninty and sorny, so there's a legacy of fans to bank on. Like mrBS said, it's actually some impressive numbers for the 'box

    Don't get me wrong I bought FF13 and all, but the reason for this is the crappy selection of games on PS3.

    I went from GB to Megadrive to Super NES and Gamegear to N64 to PSX to Dreamcast to PS2, GBA/NDS and NGC to X360, Wii and DSL.

    That is supposed to be an example of me following games not companies. But it seems I owned all The Ninty consoles except GBC and NES.

      It's not 2006 anymore dude. The PS3 has plently of great games.

      Get your head out of your arse.

    I hope its multi platform also.

    FF13 is epic i love it. the hard bosses post the end stuff are crazy hard, I had one battle last night for 45 mins! It was touch and go for quite a while there insane stuff love it!

    Doesn't seem too surprising when you think about how FFXIII was a system seller back when it was an exclusive. It may not be an exclusive now but back when everyone was choosing sides you had to get a PS3 if you wanted Final Fantasy.

    I've finished the X360 version and I really don't feel like I missed out quality-wise vs the PS3 - I saw the comparisons on beforehand and was pretty worried with the bad press the x360 version was getting - cutscenes were still wow moments on my 46" Samsung LCD, I wasn't crying about an inferior product like the hysteria beforehand threatened I would... I don't think playing on X360 diminished the experience at all... That leaves only FFXII as the only one I haven't played...

    The reason it sold so many on PS3 is in part because so many people bought the PS3 to replace their PS2, with the assumption it'd be the only platform to have the big PS2 titles like MGS, Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy etc... naturally they're the ones who cracked a shit when it was announced FF was multi-platform (I did actually read people commenting "what was the point in me buying a PS3 then?! I would've bought a 360!")...

      Because they wouldn't get GT and MGS?

    Didn't enjoy it at all so kept to playing the other great titles on the 360. And This is coming from a JRPG fanatic.

    Do the US have a Final Fantasy console bundle (like they do here) and are sales of that bundle included in Software sales or Hardware (or both?)

      Yes, they do. Bundles are only counted as hardware sales.

    Not really surprised. I have both consoles and didn't think twice about picking the PS3 version due to supposedly better graphics, and SINGLE blu ray disc vs multiple DVDs.

    Is it good numbers though? What is the percentage sales? If you compare it to other multi-plat games I'd reckon it's not that great for 360, while for the PS3 it probably is great numbers for a multi-plat game.

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