Firm: Sony Brand Less Valuable Than Microsoft, Cigarettes, Beer, Toothpaste

Millward Brown Optimor, a "global brand strategy" analyst firm, just stepped into a heaping pile of fanboy doodoo with its latest rankings of the 100 most valuable brands in the world, pegging Sony at 94th. Nintendo is 32nd, Microsoft fourth.

That's behind Marlboro (at No. 7) Budweiser (No. 38) and Colgate (No. 47). Considering that Microsoft and Sony make more than games and games consoles, Millward Brown decided to make things worse and break out brand rankings by platform and it doesn't get any better.

Nintendo has the No. 1 and 2 positions with the Wii and DS respectively ($US9.9 billion and $US7.8 billion "estimated value", respectively), followed by the Xbox 360 ($US4.5 billion) and then the PlayStation 3 ($US426 million) PSP ($US155 million) and PS2 ($US49 million).

Wondering what "estimated value" means? Here's their words, not mine: "The dollar value of each brand in the ranking is the sum of all future earnings that brand is forecast to generate, discounted to a present-day value."

True, but I don't brush my teeth with a DualShock or smoke MLB 10: The Show. Well, not literally. Get the full report here. [pdf]

Wii Named Top Gaming Console Brand [Game Politics]


    Wow, Xbox 360 at $4.5 billion and PS3 at $0.4 billion? The Xbox 360 is 11 TIMES more "valuable" than PS3?

    I'm just wondering how they came to that conclusion?! It doesn't matter which side of the fence you sit on*, those figures are nuts...

    Talk about "pullin'-it-outta-your-arse" analysis!

      These brand ratings aren't just about video games. think about microsoft as a whole company and i think it's right on the mark.

        The dollar values are assigned to the platforms Xbox 360 and PS3, not the company Microsoft and Sony.

          Ah gotta love the concept of "fair values," one minute a million dollars and next $0.

      i agree, it seems a bit out there.


    I wish I could bottle the fanboy tears from this and sell it as salad dressing.

    I smoke MLB 10: The Show mmmmmmmmm I'm in flavor country

    Well, certainly the "Sony" and "PS3" brands have lost value in my eyes, as soon as Sony forced users to choose between PSN access or OtherOS use. I don't take kindly to being told I have to lose features, after I've bought the machine. I can't respect a company that forces this.

    Umm... this is an analysis of the brand's value.

    It isn't an analysis of how good the devices actually are.

    If one honestly thinks that this brand valuation proves anything in any fanboy flame war, then one has just failed economics, marketing and business management forever.

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