First Look At Next Call Of Duty Happens This Friday

There's a brand new Call of Duty game coming this year. This Friday, you'll get your first peek at the follow-up to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, courtesy of GameTrailers TV.

While Activision may be embroiled in drama related to its most recent Call of Duty, that won't stop the company from churning out annual sequels to the ultra-popular first-person shooter. In 2010, Call of Duty: World at War developer Treyarch is on tap to deliver a new iteration, already pencilled in to ship before the "holiday".

It represents the first Call of Duty game to be released under publisher Activision's new "strategic plans" for the franchise.

GameTrailers TV's promo promises a "global announcement" and "the first teaser trailer" for Call of Duty 7, so make sure you're up with your eyes glued to Spike TV to catch it.

Episode 310 Promo [GameTrailers TV]


    Really enjoyed COD:WAW zombie modes and some of the multiplayer maps were great too. COD is a fast moving pick up and play fun FPS. Thats why it appeals to so many (The Masses). I am interested in the rumours of a Vietnam theme. Bit of Hendrix while I play COD would be great! It seems the trend is to bag COD out now. Well I can see why some are getting a bit sick of the formula. Hopefully Treyarch will try a few new things. I doubt it though.

      yeah well they need to stop making poor design choices

      Like oh people are complaining theres to many nades so lets cut them down and then cut the claymores down but then lets add the thumper which is purely a noob tube gun and one man army so they can keep switching between there 2 toob profiles and have 4 shots each time

    I'm done with COD and Activision.

    EA has done a lot to change its customers perspective of them, and it's worked.

    I applaud their new model and will continue to support them.

    Kottick = EPIC FAIL! To everyone but shareholders.

      I want to go back 10 years time, find myself and say "guess what - in about 10 years time, you're going to hate on Activision for being the evil corporation-type company, and you're actually going to start loving EA games - HOW MESSED UP IS THAT!"

    the blurred-out subtitle... in the small view where its a bit easier to read, it seems to say 'lorem ipsum dolor.'

    why bother having a dummy text subtitle & blurring it out?

    I feel sorry for Treyarch as this game wont be as successful as people have a bad taste in their mouth from what Activisions done to IW as well people are getting burned out on the series. I will probably get Medal of Honour this christmas, this new CoD will have to do something new and fantastic to convince me otherwise.

      I wouldn't feel sorry for them because people are getting burned out on the series. If you know people are sick of these games, then stop making them. Or make something really different. Bungie clearly knows people are pretty sick of Halo and are trying some new things with Reach, though I think they could certainly take it further. If the company can't tell that the audience is looking for something new then they aren't going to make it either way.

    Does anyone remember when COD was the shiny, fresh new series that was the answer to the bloated and stale Medal of Honor series? I miss those days...

      Yes, Before the Devil bought it and ripped its soul out.

        * before Bobby Kotick


    It doesnt matter, it will sell and thats all they care about.

    I dunno, WaW was one of the few games that actually catered for us aussies. To this day I don't know of a better local search filter in a console game

    I am actually looking forward to this. Treyarch may be ridiculed smong fans and by IW themselves, or Respawn Ent. now.

    But i really liked World at War, its better than MW2 for me. Not only that they did a lot of things better for fans than what MW2 has done or what COD4 did. COD4 is still my favourite but Treyarch really stepped up from COD3.

    I'm excited for what they're doing next compared to my excitement for what MW2 was to become. I know Treyarch are more of Activision's b**ches than what IW were, but I have a feeling they will please the fans in ways MW2 didn't.

    I just hope it's not another WWII game, though. Those got really old: same ground retreaded again and again, even though there's a bunch of non-used WWII stuff.

    Won't be buying this one.

    I never really got into the online aspect of COD but I do enjoy the single player campaigns.

    as long as they dont noobify online, ill be happy, i quite liked WaW

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