First Pokémon Black & White Screens


    Who would have thunk it, I'm now officially excited about another Pokemon game.

      Me too, and I haven't even finished HG/SS

    I dunno, that bottom right battle screen looks like a step backwards :(
    Rest are kind of cool. Woo for pokemons

      We might get a better idea of the combat once a video is released.

      I'm excited for the new game. I'm still walking around with my Pokewalker, lol.

    Intriguing indeed, but the one with the female character in the 3D city just doesn't look right.

    The attempt this game makes at trying to be different seems nice, but I'm not sure if it's enough to interest me.

      What I really want is better animation during battles (ie not just shake the sprite for a bit then rocks fall down). I know it's quite an amount of work to get the art assets to animate for all effects, but given the amount of revenue this franchise generates, I think it would be doable.

      Although it could be a sizing issue.

      I agree, I hope it's some sort of intro movie or something. If the game had that weird 3D-type look it just wouldn't feel right. Although the rest of the screens look normal (semi-3D like in 4th gen).

    I'm not sure, it looks a bit too much like Diamond and Pearl to me - that is, a game that they'll get right the 'second time around' like they did with Platinum.

    Even in those screens, it seems like there's a lot of corner cutting. Is it too much to ask for even just a little bit of anti-aliasing?

    I was really hoping that they would completely change it to the 3d style they used in Colesseum, but with simpler graphics, but this doesn't look too bad. But now I want to know what else new they're offering to the series.

    Jeez... Compare this to current DS games like Spirit Tracks and you'd think this was some cheap old 3rd-party game, not Nintendo's leading handheld franchise!

    Sure, graphics aren't everything, but considering how little the franchise has evolved gameplay-wise, it'd be nice if we saw at least SOME of the billions of dollars Pikachu and friends earn go back into the games...

    Those 2 new pokemon and the guy character look lame. Still exited for this game though.

    So they changed the camera angle,added a little 3d and updated the sprites, but have they updated the gameplay?
    I fear this is just another Pokemon we've seen and played numerous times before.

    So....will you be able to move beyond 4 directions?

    LOOK it's the MEW TRUCK!!!

    either way, ANYONE can get this quality in the current pokemon games via cheats.

    my care factor is at zero

    I sense a Pokemon Grey releasing in 2-3 years time...

    well, in reality, from what I can tell its just the same as the current ones with the camera angle adjusted(with the exception of the battle screen of course). I mean, the current gen pokemon games use 3d environments with 2d sprites, as do these versions of pokemon, only with the camera angle changed.

    Just making a freaking Pokemon game for console in 3D already!!! - possibly MMO which would be the cherry on top of the most delicious cake in the world.

    Heck i would BUY a Wii for it. Okay Nintendo... I WILL BUT A WII FOR A FREAKING POKEMON GAME!

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