First Proper Look At Final Fantasy Creator's New Game

The most we've seen so far of The Last Story, an upcoming Wii role-playing game from Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, has been artwork. It's about time we looked at the actual game itself, no?

This week's issue of Famitsu gave the world its first look at the game, which many are hoping will bring the Wii something it's badly needed more of: mature, top-shelf role-playing games.

Whether it does or not is of course not going to be settled by scans, nor by the recent track record of Mistwalker, whose past few games have been seen by many as merely "competent".

But it does look nice, no?


    Sweet as mate.

    Why does the Final Fantasy guy make all his title graphics look the same? Its always black text with a little picture.

      Because it actually looks good. Its clean, fairly simple and not cluttered with crap and photoshop filters.

      Because its elegant and timeless, as opposed to 99% of the absolute rubbish design out there.

    This man is the JRPG GOD!!!

    Can't wait, loved BD and LO.

    FINAL fantasy
    LAST story
    How original title...

      Considering the man who made The Last Story is the same one who made the original Final Fantasy, he's allowed to do that.

    Looks good so far. The Wii really needs a good RPG.


    He does it because it is his unique style being an Artist.

    Those pictures are amazing really glad I have a Nintendo console now :D

    enough to warrant a wii purchase? the hopes of a single console sale rest on this one game :p

    er last story = final fantasy?

    Aww so its not 2D :'(
    I had this small, completely illogical hope that the game - for no good reason - could closely follow the style of the concept art and be this amazing, original 2D rpg. But, guess not.
    Looks good though, I suppose.

    Oh boy, a new JRPG! It looks like... uh... a JRPG...

    I'm sorry, I'm not seeing anything here that hasn't been done at least a dozen times before.

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