Fresh Halo: Reach Gameplay: Jet Packs Refueled

Team Kotaku is taking part in the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta as of today, so we thought we'd capture a little footage to show you how we're doing and just how much Crecente loves to use that jet pack.

A few things to note as you enjoy just shy of ten minutes worth of raw Halo: Reach gameplay footage. One, don't mind the occasional frame rate dip, as that's a product of the over-the-internet capture process. Two, keep an eye peeled, 'cause we may have a Halo: Reach multiplayer beta code or two or twenty to give away soon. Don't ask when or how yet, just hold tight.


    hey if you could hook me up with a reach code I would get everyone at my school to go to this site.

    nice im down for all of that hit me up with a code somtime tonight then add me "its tucka" for an all night gaming session!

    Twitter has been freaking out about beta codes all day. Bungie cooked up a storm with their giveaway. It's almost like boxing day sales but geeky.

    That would be cool!

    I'd kill for an early access code for the Beta!

    Looks ghey, bit like the UT series really.

    On the left hand side during the pre-match lobby is that a list of gametypes you can vote to play? That looks interesting, hopefully it will cut down on the repetition of maps, if I play on valhalla one more time I'll start shooting myself.

    A beta code would be awesome. I personally already have ODST, but I'd like to get some mates into the beta that dont have ODST.

    Nice, I will enjoy that needle rifle. Also I have been hoping for a revenge medal, wonder if they have stuff like first blood as well now.

    This just looks.. Wow.
    Lost for word.
    Tears of joy.

    Please don't make me endure another weekend of mw2

    Have mercy kotaku :P

    You must be joking, i know game play is one thing but come on
    Those graphics are a joke at best, this is Wii like stuff

    Well, it looks like the multiplayer fulfills it's promise of magnificence, and since the story is based off of one of the best Halo books, this game almost has to be nearly perfect. :D

    I can't wait for the forty-seventh Halo game it's sure to be a unique and original experience.

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