Fruit Ninja Is You Versus A Watermelon

Brisbane's Halfbrick studio has unveiled its newest iPhone release. It's called Fruit Ninja. Bet you can't guess what it's about.

Yep, you slice fruit. Like a ninja, apparently.

Your finger is your katana. Swiping it across the screen slashes open oranges, melons and pineapples, accompanied by appropriately squelchy sound effects.

“Who hasn’t wanted to attack a melon with a sword just to see it explode?" says lead designer Luke Muscat. "We’ve captured the awesome feeling of splatty squishiness, and thanks to the hands-on touch controls of the iPhone, you really feel satisfied with the sweet, juicy carnage on the screen!”

Now watch several Queensland game developers make fools of themselves in the clip below.

Fruit Ninja [Halfbrick]


    that was quite possibly the best ad i have ever seen!

    As much as I hate fruit, and love Aussie developed games, I don't know how much fun this would be. But I could be wrong.

    If it is as fun as running around in a park dressed like a ninja then it will defiantly do well.

      Fruit is delicious, I'll take your share omnomnomnom

    Very disappointed to see that this is not about a gay ninja.

    ahahaha my god, that was totally sad, but compelling at the same time... I shall be buying this game. Happy to support an Aussie Game Dev, particularly when they are willing to make complete asses of themselves for their art! Go Halfbrick

    This idea is stolen from another game, boo halfbrick

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