Game Characters And Their Voice Actors

As a longtime public radio listener, I often imagined Corey Flintoff as someone resembling Willem Dafoe. Turns out he looks a lot more avuncular. Famous game characters likewise bear little resemblance to their voice actors.

GamesRadar has paired up shots of several well known games characters with their voice talent. While David Bateson is a dead ringer for Agent 47 from Hitman. I have to agree that Jason Anthony Griffith looks nothing like Sonic. And not only does Sam Fisher (pictured) not look like Ham Tyler Michael Ironside, Michael Ironside doesn't look like Michael Ironside. WTH happened?

Famous Game Characters Versus Their Voice Actors [Games Radar]


    So an actor from the trash 90's sitcom Living Single is the voice of Kratos? I'm not sure if I should be more shocked by that or the fact that I remember that show.

    Hmm, I must say, I think Fisher sort of resembles Ironside. Must be the facial hair.

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