GAME Throws Even More Weight Behind R18+ Push

Retailer GAME has joined the campaign for the introduction of an R18+ rating for computer and video games, announcing that over 70,000 people have so far signed an in-store petition in favour of classification change.

The petition will remain in-store to be signed until April 26, and a selection will be presented to every Attorneys-General and every Shadow Attorneys-General prior to the next meeting of the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General on April 29. The issue of games classification is expected to be on the agenda at the SCAG meeting, the first time the AGs will have convened since opening up the topic to a period of public consultation.

“We all recognise the significant difference in maturity levels between an adult and an adolescent," says Rob Lukic, GAME Managing Director.

"It is time for the government to provide the equivalent 'distance' in the classification system, the 'distance' being a clear distinction between an 18 year old and a 15 year old.

"This is plain to see for all parents and only with this change will parents have a clear view of what is suitable for their children. Some games are meant for everyone and some are only meant for adults."

GAME joins the likes of EB Games, whose similar petition raised 46,000 signatures during February; industry body, the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association, whose 44-page submission contained some powerful insights; Electronic Frontiers Australia, whose submissions contained some very good ideas for parents; Grow Up Australia, who collected over 16,000 signatures for its submission; the Kotaku community, who sent us your very own R18+ submissions; and of course, the hordes of undead.


    Go team!

    My name is Sheppard and this is my favourite store on Citadel

      "didn't I just see you over at the other store plugging that one fora discount???"

    you cant really ignore over 100,000 signatures can you?

    can you?

      with Jim Wallace and the Australian christian lobby at their back ... yes yeas they can ignore 100,000 signatures although its worth mentioning that the 16000 from grow up Australia and the EB games signatures are a part of the discussion paper

    Good on GAME,a really good effort has seen them get some huge numbers, and no, they cant ignore 100,000 signatures, or they would be stupid if they didnt! Get in and sign one if you havent already, got a good catalouge on now too

      Although I applaude their efforts, 100,000 is less than half of one percent of Australia's population. On the other hand, the 'Save Live Music in Melbourne' petition only had 22k signatures and they netted results. Of course they had some pretty major celebrities backing them aswell.

        So we need to get some celebritys to back us up? That's not a bad idea someone should write to some of them.

    ...and let's not forget the submission from one of their own:

    As much as I wish we'd get the new classification system I don't believe we will.

    It seems the Australian Christian Lobby are fully against the new system and, as of last week, apparently have written confirmation from the South Australian government that they'll continue the policy of resistance.

    Don't forget, the ACL is the lobby group behind Stephen Conroy's internet filter.

    Too much power from one lobby group if you ask me.

      Mm I hope not.
      People like that make me ashamed to be a christian sometimes.

      If that the same confirmation that I read about a couple of weeks ago (, the wording was more confirmation of the government's prior position and actions to that point, without a clear statement giving a firm commitment to hold the same position moving forward.

    lol, don't count them all togther. There's bound to be a lot of crossover with the petitions.

    I heard today on the Radio the Victorian government just got a petition of 77,000 signatures for more police and that is the largest petition on record. Just to put things into perspective.

    wheres that lunatic that wants to arrest the pope lol..Dawkins? Maybe he can go after a senator or 2 instead.

    If it fails here i guess maybe next/future campaigns can focus on taking down someone prominent ie comms mininster lol Conroy or if its the liberal party whoever they offer.

      he doesn't want to arrest the pope - that was a totally mis-represented story

    Game is fast becoming my favorite store, cheaper than EB, better service than JB, and now fighting the good fight for gamers everywhere... Go Game!!

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