Gears 3 Doubles Up On Co-Op Campaign Mode Multiplayer

Two-player campaign mode co-op? Please, that's so Gears 2. According to an update from designer Cliff Bleszinski, the recently revealed Gears of War 3 will feature twice the multiplayer co-op campaign mode of its predecessors.

Marcus and Dom are going to have to keep their feelings in check during the Gears 3 campaign, as two more players will be able to join in their desperate quest to put the storyline to bed. The game will let up to four players work their way through the game's narrative, and each player is integrated into the story, meaning you won't have to worry about being nameless guy number two, tagging along with the greats like an over-muscled puppy.

Plus, one of your friends has to play the girl.

But don't take our word for it. Read it from the man himself, communicating via futuristic Twitter technology:

Also, Rod confirmed and I'm posting it here: 4 player integrated story co-op in the campaign!

Great! I'm all for the idea. The more the merrier, that's what I always say. If only I didn't have an odd aversion to the Gears of War series as a whole, this would definitely get me excited.

It's not that I think the games are bad; they're just not for me. I'm sure there are others out there who feel the same. Perhaps they are hiding in caves.

Thanks DrDurdon for the tip!


    As long as they keep at least the 2 player splitscreen. Not too concerned if they don't make it 4 player splitscreen (they wouldn't) but I do hope they don't cut 2 player offline co-op, because gears is easily one of the best splitscreen shooters of all time.

    i wonder if the 4th squad member is another carmine brother.
    Or maybe the girl is the daughter of the carmine clan?
    After the apprarance of another "cannon fodder" carmine in GOW2, I"m sure we can count on a Carmine in the third. I hope he/she survives this one, though.

      They are setting up for a Saving Private Carmine sequel!

    cmon 4player offline splitscreen its been too long. (i sadly doubt it though)

    Halo do it!

    But for games like Gears (who gratefully, have offered 2 player) or COD - i find it pure laziness that co-op splitscreen isn't featured.
    COD has always suffered from this and its a real shame! I would love to play COD4 or MW2 with at least one other mate on my Xbox... ONLINE!

    Heck Bungie let 4 people do it on one console and it works... and it would work with COD aswell. If not 4 people, which sometimes is a bit too far depending on the TV - but 2 player at the bare minimum.

    They won't do 4-player offline, which is good. The only game in the modern era that does it even remotely good (from my experience) is Halo.

    However, 4-player online will be spectacular, considering the fact that Epic Games integrate each character into the storyline and not just mindless grunts to tag along.

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