Gears 3 Reveal Spoiled, But There Is Another

Gears 3 Reveal Spoiled, But There Is Another

While the Xbox Live dashboard spilled the beans on Gears of War 3, according to CVG sources, Epic is also planning to reveal a shooter in development for EA later this month.

Sources told CVG that Gears creator Epic Games originally planned on revealing this mysterious new EA shooter next week, only to have the date pushed back due to Cliff Bleszinski’s delayed appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show. The non-Gears shooter is apparently being developed by Epic Studio People Can Fly, the Polish developers behind the original Painkiller.

“EA needs to make sure enough days have passed between the Gears launch and its own announcement,” the source told us. “They were originally scheduling in an announcement for the People Can Fly game early next week, but Cliffy B’s postponed TV chat has pushed that back by at least a few days. It’s looking like the following week now.”

EA briefly mentioned the Epic shooter in their Q3 financial results, and the trademark Bulletstorm might indicate what this new game is being called.

If this rumour turns out to be true, then Epic will be zero for two on keeping new game announcements quiet.

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