Gears Of War 3, Coming April 2011

Somebody at Microsoft appears to have flicked a switch a little early, with an advertisement appearing on the Xbox 360 dashboard tonight for Gears of War 3.

There's the trademark Gears of War logo, and a tagline that reads "The epic story concludes April 2011".


    After playing Gears2 i can honestly say: "DO NOT WANT"

      really... it looks amazing. i tried the beta and everything was great. there is no lag anymore as the servers are on dedicated servers

    Doh! They obviously didn't receive the memo about Cliff not appearing on Jimmy Fallon.

    Ah well, its puts the worst kept secret this year to rest now don't it.

    By accident or on purpose to build the hype? My guess would be to build hype....MS make way too many mistakes like this for it to be an accident :P

    Obviously Dude Huge was meant to reveal it on TV and then this was meant to be shown. Obviously MS didn't follow up on that.

    Analysts expected an April 2011 release. Pretty accurate :)

    Thats a year away though, what an annoyance.
    I would rather them tell me half a year from release.

    Also I am happy they are making it into a trilogy, not branching it out. A trilogy is nice and solid.

    lol what a huge stuff stupid can u be really so do something like this?


    Awesome! I'm a ps3 man, and my friend who lives 2min is a 360 man, and I've only ever been jealous about Gears. I hope they keep in split screen co-op, and make it awesome :)

    I'm EXCITED!

    They should have just waited till E3. It's not coming out for a another year after all.

    Great, now we can look forward to even more pretentious ads starring the color red, a chainsaw gun and a grunty man.

    cant wait. gears is one of the 360s last good exclusives

    Flicked the switch early? Nah. It's publicity. Announcing it before it's announced properly is a good marketing strategy. This is deliberate.

    GOW2 did not inspire me much.....

    LOL Xbox Live stealing Dude Huge's thunda!

    "The epic story concludes..." Does anybody seriously believe that GOW3 will be the "conclusion"? Nothing will be "concluding" until the bastard stops selling, and I can't see GOW3 selling in significantly smaller numbers than GOW2.

    Alls they'll be doing is canning off this story arc. Its not like they wouldn't be able to make other gears games within the same war period from other perspectives and sides.

    Gears of war 2 was so bad lol

    Epic edition is sold out and for a second i said to myself i don't want the game, i wish i preordered earlier

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