Gears Of War 3 Trailer Is No Longer Too Grey

Enemies of desaturated colour design wailed that the new Gears of War 3 trailer is too grey. To those people, I direct you to devilboy666x's remixed Gears 3 trailer. A new colour has been added! How many more do you need?


    So, he just ran it through a red filter?. . . it looks terrible! (the redness, not Gears 3)
    How stupid.

    hey, let's not be too hasty - red is the new grey, afterall.

    Why replace the awesome soundtrack with a generic orchestral action movie score?

      The soundtrack reminds me of Unreal Tournament series..

    i don't mind the colour too much, but the music? how dare they...

    Reminds me of Diablo, not entirely sure why.

    since they were surrounded by copious amounts of ash, the grey was actually warranted this time. The red doesnt work at all.

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