Gold Medallist Loses Xbox, Soul Mate

Steve Holcomb won America's first gold medal in the bobsled in 62 years at the recent Vancouver Winter Olympics. For his troubles, he's since had his Xbox 360 stolen, which has left the guy devastated. No, traumatised.

"It's like a death in the family," he told cnet, "at least for me being single with no kids."

His console and games - of which he had 27, bringing the total cost of the heist to $US4,000 (Eh? Does he import from Australia? - Ed.) - were incredibly important to the athlete, as they were literally some of his only possessions in life.

"Well, considering I'm a volunteer and I don't have any possessions, this was a huge loss," he said. "I have a 1990 Honda Accord, a simple Netbook, a bunch of clothes, and an Xbox. What I have lost is equivalent to losing your house, and all the furniture inside. This is devastating, I'm a huge gamer without a game."

Xbox stolen from gold medal bobsledder [cnet]



    Where's the donation thing for this guy? If that Korean guy got donations, why not him?

    He's a volunteer, a gold medallist, poor, a gamer, and it was stolen, something he couldn't prevent.

    Whereas the other guy was a gamer and had a family, yes, but he didn't use the bank and kept his life savings in his house.

    I'm not saying the first man didn't deserve donations, I'm just thinking this guy needs some too!

    Grow a pair, bud.

    US 360 games are $60US at retail arent they? doesnt add up.

    Well i'm sure he has enough money NOW to be able to buy a new one and replace his old games. Or if he has insurance, then just get a new one through the insurance company??

    donation page anyone?

    Somebody buy that man some games!

    here's to hoping the guy who stole it keeps it for himself instead of selling it and goes on live with it only to get busted becasue he did so.

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