Green Day: Rock Band's Full Track List

Entertainment Weekly was given first dibs on the track list for Green Day: Rock Band and while 27 of the 47 cuts are not a big surprise, you now have the complete picture of what's available June 8.

Here they are, broken down by performance venue (in the game) and album, with the DLC tracks at the end.

The Warehouse

Dookie (1994)


"Having a Blast"



"Welcome to Paradise"

"Pulling Teeth"

"Basket Case"


"Sassafrass Roots"

"When I Come Around"

"Coming Clean"

"Emenius Sleepus"

"In the End"


Milton Keynes

American Idiot (2004)

"American Idiot"

"Jesus of Suburbia"


"Boulevard of Broken Dreams"

"Are We the Waiting"

"St. Jimmy"

"Give Me Novacaine"

"She's a Rebel"

"Extraordinary Girl"


"Wake Me Up When September Ends"



Warning (2000)



Nimrod (1997)

"Hitchin' a Ride"

"Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)"

"Nice Guys Finish Last"

Insomniac (1995)

"Brain Stew"


"Geek Stink Breath"

The Fox theatre, Oakland

21st Century Breakdown (2009)

"Song of the Century"

"21st Century Breakdown"

"Before the Lobotomy"

"Last Night on Earth"


"Murder City"

"¿Viva La Gloria? (Little Girl)"

"Restless Heart Syndrome"

"Horseshoes and Handgrenades"

"The Static Age"

"American Eulogy"

"See the Light"

Downloadable Content

"21 Guns"

"Know Your Enemy"

"East Jesus Nowhere"

"Last of the American Girls"

"¡Viva La Gloria!"

"Christian's Inferno"

Green Day: Rock Band: We've Got a Preview Plus the Exclusive 47-Song Track List! [Entertainment Weekly]


    Selling my Rock Band. Biggest waste of money EVER.

    Oh god. Out of the entire tracklist only 10 of the songs I like are on there. I wish J.A.R or Macy's Day parade was on there.
    It's not worth getting. Most of the music is their newer songs which aren't all that good.

    Really EVER ? - cos that's a long time. Do you also never ever ever use hyperbole?

    Hey, it's that band that doesn't deserve its own game!

    I wonder of this game is 3-player only with a mic stand ;)

    I really like Green Day's music, but I'm not sure weather I'll get this...

      I don't know whether the weather will improve.

    I hate when they release band specific music games.

    Just work on RB3!

    The DLC should be part of the game or the whole game should of been DLC. Not even close to being worth it IMHO.

    seems like im the only one who got excited about this track listing. their three best albums, including all my favourite tracks.

    im excited and will most certainly be purchasing on release day

    i know alot of people r not going to buy it because there is no intruments

    I wouldnt recommend it for wii. Unless u have the rb2 dlc

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