Hacker Claims To Have Linux Working (Again) On PS3

On April 1, Sony removed one of the PlayStation 3's original features, the option to install an alternate operating system such as Linux, with its latest firmware (version 3.21). Today, one man claims to have reinstated that feature.

Hacker George "Geohot" Hotz says he has, as promised, implemented a workaround that will let users enjoy the most recent version of the PS3's firmware while keeping the "Install Other OS" option available. The catch, before homebrew and Linux enthusiasts get too excited, is that if you've already installed 3.21, you're out of luck.

Hotz writes: "This can be installed without having to open up your PS3, just by restoring a custom generated [PlayStation 3 Update File]file, but only from 3.15 or previous. It's possible this [custom firmware]will also work on the slim to actually *enable* OtherOS." The redesigned PlayStation 3 slim model shipped without the option to install another operating system.

Hotz offers his version of video proof in a YouTube clip that purports to show his custom firmware working and booting Linux.

Sony Computer Entertainment said the decision to remove the feature was "due to security concerns".

It appears that Hotz hasn't made his custom firmware available publicly. Also note that Hotz's video demonstration could realistically be faked. But for the PlayStation 3 owner soured by Sony's decision to drop support for other operating systems, it at least provides some hope.

OtherOS Supported on "3.21OO" [On The PlayStation 3]


    I knew this would happen, and am very glad I haven't updated my PS3 to 3.21 yet.

    Sony updates are like horrible viruses... nothing good ever comes of them.

      Horrible viruses? Really?

      yes like the following horrible virii:

      * Divx playback
      * Bitstreaming
      * Trophy support
      * Photo Album mode
      * In-game soundtracks
      * In-game XMB
      * Dual Shock support
      * Home (OK, that was a joke)
      * PS Minis
      * Tweaks to the XMB to make it better/faster
      * Increased Browser support (although its still pretty shit)

      yeah, nothing good in that lot AT ALL...

    hmmm. I'm thinking BS

    although he has it working, many still want to be able to get online, which he's offline the whole time

      He says it is possible to use a proxy server to trick the PS3 into thinking 3.15 is the latest firmware, which allows you to get online.

    I’ve never used the other OS feature on my PS3, so when this update rolled out I installed it right away. Don’t know why Sony made it an option in the first place, you’re just asking for people to cook up their own homebrew programs when you offer an option like that. Apparently the option was never there on the slim models, looks like Sony finally learnt that people really don’t use the PS3 for much other than playing games.

      yeah, n00bs maybe.
      hopefully GH can deliver the goods. im just spewin i updated my slim though.

    @Burdusel Because they were trying to use their console monopoly to damage Microsofts Windows monopoly. But devs initially feared this could support the spread of DLC without paying, pirated games and online cheating hacks.

    It backfired.

    All it did was severely hinder 3rd party ps3 support and Xbox got a free ride early on with exclusive DLC.

    People should see this as a good update, as it finally rids any previous nerves by devs.

    Its hardly an appropriates device for anything but gaming/media anyway.

      What the hell? You're suggesting that Other OS was the main reason why the PS3 didn't get as much 3rd party support when it was first released??

      The PS2 has massive 3rd Party Support and it's still the biggest selling console (for how long though?), so it would be natural for 3rd Parties to WANT to support it, but initially they found it difficult to make games, on top of that it was an expensive machine, so it's biggest hurdle was a slow growing install base.

      Exclusive DLC? The main DLC issue is the GTA Episodes... Other OS stopped this also? Microsoft providing a $50 Million loan to Rockstar to develop them have nothing to do with it? Most other DLC exclusives have been a 1-4 week timed exclusive (MW2 being the most recent)

      The PS2 also had an Linux kit that could be purchased on it's own, so this was nothing new for Sony to provide to the consumer, seeing as the PS3 could handle from the get go, it's just another feature/option they could provide to the consumer.

      Personally I didn't use it, so it's no skin off my nose, but I really can't see how you feel how this feature was one of the major issues of Sony's performance in this console generation.

      "Its hardly an appropriates device for anything but gaming/media anyway."

      Yeah, that's why large numbers of scientific organizations (including the US Air Force) are using them (in Linux mode) as networked supercomputers.

      What planet are you on?

        Precisely Alan,
        It is an amazing machine, and they don't have the right to make that choice for the people who keep their company running by purchasing their machines. I am so sick of people acting like this is controversial. They have no doubt forgotten how just a few years back Sony began using invisible root-kit malware on their music CDs. Something seriously needs to be done about these guys since they are obviously incapable of doing business honorably on their own.

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