Halo Developer Joins Forces With Activision

Bungie, the studio that created the Halo franchise, will be partnering with Activision for an "exclusive, worldwide partnership" the developer revealed this morning. The partnership will last for the next ten years.

Kotaku AU Note: We'll have more info soon, but basically Bungie is still an independent studio. They have not - I repeat, not - been bought out. Activision is publishing Bungie's next game. And Bungie will own the rights to it. (Looks like Bungie got what Infinity Ward wanted.)



    this is pretty horrible news. going by activision's track record, expect there to be one or two fantastic games, and then activision impose some sort of crazy rule during development of one of their titles that leads a bungie strike... or maybe doesnt. maybe bungie become complacent and start releasing mediocre games.

    either way, this doesn't seem to spell 'win' however you spit out the alphabet soup..

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Bungie, why would break free from one soul-sucking company just to join another (arguably worse)!

    Oh god, here we go...

    Oh sh**

    Oh god no.... I really hope they don't go the way Infinity Ward did; or that's another good franchise and Dev team ruined.

    Cue the Darth Vader scene at the end of episode 3:


      'Infinity Ward? Where is Infinity Ward?'
      'It seems, in your greed... you... killed it...'


    So let me get this straight.

    After ten years of building Mac and PC games independently, Bungie joined Microsoft.

    After ten years of building Xbox and PC games under Microsoft, Bungie joined Activision.

    Only I'm trying to think of where they could possibly wind up in another ten... Ubisoft perhaps?

    Please be some bad April Fools Joke that forgot to be posted.

    This is horrible.

    They leave MS for Activision, no improvement there. Heck i don't think their is much wrong with MS Publishing. They don't seem too bad. But what! TEN YEARS.

    Oh great, this means multi-platform games from Bungie now. After Halo Reach, i hope they lose fans now. NOT gonna be the same, no matter what the contract is like. No matter how little input Activision have. NO matter how much Bungie get to do what they like.

    This sucks! no,
    This blows!

    But...why? They don't need to... so why would they even WANT to do this?

    I am enraged by this news. Activision takes all the good people and corrupts them into mindless cash hungering.. cash hungerers.

    I think this is a really stupid move on Bungie's behalf.

    Firstly, it's Activision. Their current case against Infinity Ward should be warning enough.

    Secondly, the only main reason I could think this is being done for is so that Bungie can make games for other systems, and not only have X-box exclusives, but this could lead to bad blood between Bungie and Microsoft, which wouldn't be good at all.

    You know, perhaps I'm wrong on both points. I hope I am. But still... I don't want to see Bungie ruined.

    The collective cries of horror reverb throughout the internet. I want to hear more info about this as soon as possible. Actually, I guess it can wait til morning.

    I seem to remember the Microsoft/Bungie deal was met with far more pessimism than this, and we all know how that turned out!

      but this is Activision! don't underestimate their abilities to kill creativity!


    While I'm sure most of us an agree that Activision is basically the root of all evil in the world, having hoarded it in the biblical sense, this deal is actually quite a good thing.

    1. Means Bungie hangs around.
    2. They're not owned by Activision.
    3. Bungie games on more platforms, so now I never need to look at the 360 I got for free again.
    4. Means it's unlikely Bungie will need to fire some of its awesome developers, as Activision will likely be happy to throw money at them, at least for a while.

    Besides which, Bungie having arranged this deal I am certain they would have acted with some caution, being aware of Activision's reputation. Until such time as more details are revealed, it's hardly worth assuming Infinity Ward is going to happen all over again, especially considering Activision do not own Bungie.

    They haven't been bought out by Activision. it is distribution only!!!!
    Meaning they own the IP (Intellectual property) and anything else attached. Activision basically just distribute and market the product. Get it right people before jumping to conclusions. I guess the fact that they are even working with Activision is still a bit of a worry.

    Cant help but think a EA partners deal would have worked out better for them.

    I don't know maybe Activision has a better distribution network and cut them a killer deal.


    i'm more pissed off at the fact that Activision will now charge a premium price for Bungie Games.
    similar to MW2, $110-$12- RRP? F*** off, games in Aus are far to expensive anyway. i ain't paying that much for another Halo ODST. hell i won't pay $60AU for ODST.


    I would like to know what MS are thinking letting another 2nd party dev go to another publisher? And its Halo creators of all things.I know MS owns Halo and 343 studios will develop Halo 4 but they cant rely on Halo for ever.

      One possibility is that the senior developers at Bungie wanted more independence and were willing to quit and start over to get it.

      Microsoft may have been faced with a choice between seeing the studio gutted of its talent, or giving up some control while still seeing some future returns.

    haha goodbye freedom. idiots, they actuaally got to call the shots when they were with MS.

    personally i don't care about halo... the gameplay got old and i never cared about killing the same aliens again and again. great co-op though, still do enjoy that part. i am hoping Reach changes my mind on Halo but i doubt it.

    Time for Bungie to be exploited regularly.

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