Halo Reach Legendary Edition Lives Up To Its Label

Halo Reach is Bungie's last hurrah in the Halo universe, and they aren't saying goodbye without a lovely Limited Edition and one final, ultra-expensive Legendary Edition.

First we have the Halo Reach Limited Edition, priced at $US79.99. $US20 over the standard price scores fans a recovered ONI "black box" holding the game disc, an exclusive set of Elite armour for multiplayer, and an artefact bag containing Dr Halsey's personal journal and various documents and effects that explore the history of the Halo universe.

With a price of $US149.99, the Halo Reach Legendary Edition is one of the pricier collector's editions we've seen, but it certainly isn't without reason. There's not mini-plastic cat helmet inside this box. Instead, Bungie commissioned McFarlane Toys to create a 10-inch tall, 4.5kg diorama statue featuring the members of Noble Team, the stars of the game.

As if that weren't enough, the Legendary Edition also comes with a flaming Spartan helmet for multiplayer, as well as all of the contents of the Limited Edition, all packed inside a striking UNSC-themed custom box.

If that's not a fine sendoff for Bungie's final game in the Halo series, I don't know what is. I plan on preordering the standard edition, and then begging my GameStop manager to put aside one of the Legendary Editions for me at the last minute, when my resolve falters.


    Any word on which Australian retailers will carry the limited editions? EB have a placeholder currently, and I would preferably not have to go through them.

    This trend is growing too quickly. Why can't we just have one edition of games any more? I mean, 'Limited Edition' and 'Legendary Edition'? Gimme a break. It's just pressuring fans of the game to spend more than they would be prepared to in order to get the ultra mega mega version of said game so they don't feel like they are missing out on something. I can understand there's people who genuinely want this extra piece of marketing crap, but sell/buy it seperately.

      Your not forced to buy a limited edition version. If you just want the game, just buy it! On the other hand if your a huge fan (like myself) and want really awesome figurines, cat helmets, DLC, behind the scenes dvds etc - then you order a limited edition. It's what the fans want.

        Yeah fair enough. I just can't help but see Bungie rubbing their hands over this game, just thinking about the maximum amount of money they can charge by adding in these things, rather than thinking about the fan's needs. But that's probably me just being cynical I suppose...

          That would be microsoft doing that

            Also true actually. I figure Bungie would have a say in things such as these retail variations, but I do suppose Microsoft are doing more of the rubbing of hands together.

              Damn straight!!!

              I'm sitting here boiling over with anger at the thought that a for-profit organisation like Microsoft is trying to make a profit by catering to different fans!

              They should only make a standard edition of the game so that no-one can have any memorabilia or anything! Stuff the people want to pay extra to have something a little more special >:(

                ok lightsonic, your ongoing sarcasm has been duly noted. i never meant to suggest they should stop doing them completely, just that they have gotten a little out of hand (ie. $200 for a game). but i don't doubt you want to buy it.

                  You should just give up!

                  A) You were proved wrong in every comment.
                  B) Do people not understand the whole, "Halo fans are nuts" statement?

                  Halo has done this since Halo 2; its not as if Bungie/MS have jumped on the bandwagon and dished this out. Heck i think Halo 3's Legendary Edition was the first 'BIG' edition that was super-cool and worth it! (It made me go out and buy it on Day 1)

                  But i am probably gonna avoid pre-ordering this. I noticed with MW2 they said the Prestige was sold out, but i did see only a few after its release on sale and at a cheaper price. Their are bound to be just as many Halo Reach Legendary editions out their come release and therefore, i'll try snatching one up then for a cheaper price. But that freaking diorama is worth the hefty price tag!

                  I know right!!!

                  $200 for a game is ridiculous!!! I don't care that the price tag includes the normal cost for the game ($99 for arguments sake), or a bunch of limited edition collection models (I doubt these will be worth anything in a couple of years - no one pays large amounts of money for action figures online. Especially limited edition ones!), or exclusive in-game items (give me plain-jane generic spartan please!), or a whole bunch of other stuff!

                  That's it!!! I'm writing a letter of complaint to the corporations. Anyone wanna sign a petition???

                  ok, with all this said about microsoft/bungie just trying to get heaps of money, the package isn't that great anyway.so there's no point arguing


      How dare companies offer alternatives for people who want something a little bit different, and who are willing to pay the extra money to get it!!!

      It boils my blood just thinking about it >:(

      The pressure Bungie is putting on us is immense. It's not like we can buy a standard version or anything!

      Heh yeah I understand where you're coming from, but as Buckner and LightSonic say.... Nobody is forcing ya.

      I gotta say, looking at this pack thing here, I'd probably buy this just for that awesome crate/box thing, look at it! I know whats holding the beers near my TV for a year or so!

    Oh man... More toys to line my already sagging shelves with!

    Totally getting this - it'll go nicely with the MC Helmet and Halo themed 360 console I picked up when Halo 3 was released!


    Dear Bungie,

    I hate you for providing an awesome Legendary Edition.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Benjamin Sutton's Bank Account.

    Ahaha, it's almost worth the price just to have your head on fire. :D

    GAME will be doing pre-orders for it from what I have been told but it will be limited just like everywhere else.

    And for the record, after large releases like these, the only prestige or legendary editions you find are just canceled pre-orders or pre-orders turned layby's that have been canceled. Retailers then sell them at a lower price as they lose out on idiots that do this to them thats all.

    That diorama is very very nice but I was hoping it would split as bookends.

    BUT you know the very best part about this is.. the poor folk who get to stay warm by teabagging the flaming helmets of rich people.

    That statue ...... drools* DO WANT !

    I reckon for the small one $120 max but for Legendary $150 max!

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