Halo: Reach Legendary, Limited Editions Coming To Australia

The Halo Reach special editions announced this morning are definitely coming to Australia, Microsoft has confirmed. In fact, you can already preorder them starting today.

Microsoft confirmed that both the Legendary Edition and the Limited Edition will be available in Australia. You can see the full contents of both editions here.

However, Microsoft did not confirm a recommended retail price for either edition. Instead we can look to the EB Games website - the first local retailer to list the special editions - for some estimated pricing information.

According to EB, that Legendary Edition will be around $200, the same price as the original "cat helmet" Legendary Edition of Halo 3. Meanwhile, the Limited Edition will be around $120, a fairly standard price for this type of extra content.

So, the inevitable question is: who's preordering what?


    My fiance and I are suckers for decent limited edition versions of games. This will go nicely with our "cat helmet".

    Wow. And they call ME a pirate. The Aussie dollar is almost 1:1 with the US dollar, so it's only fair that we pay DOUBLE for our games???

    Importing ftw

      Considering that the RRP in America is $150 for the legendary edition - $50 more is not that bad.

        Quite True. And considering the shipping costs to get it from America, it'd probably add up to the same amount.

          You mean from China?

          Umm gonna go with probably Limited Edition and try and snatch a Legendary Edition after its release when it will drop in price. GAME seem to order too much stock in, especially with Limited Editions for games.

          Hopefully they do the same with Reach, i mean who wouldn't? Then again all i want is the diorama. I find myself reading an art book or the other small stuff once and then it stays in either a box or a drawer until i clean my room out one random day. So maybe its just Standard Edition...

            Oh yeah. I keep thinking 360 is region free. I've been playing PS3 too much. But yeah. 150US is about 160AU, and shipping should be 40 - if it isn't, i wouldn't be expecting it to come in great condition =/.

            I doubt you'll be able to snag a Legendary edition after it's release, I'm thinking it's going to be pre-sold it out in many stores months before the release. Sure, they stock up on Limited editions, but Legendary edition is going to be a limited run, just like GOWIII and pandora's box. My point is, there'll be a crapload of limited editions, but legendary editions are scarce after release. Unless you're willing to pay double on eBay. I saw an Ultimate Trilogy Edition go for 475 + 25shipping one week after GOWIII came out. It cost 250 at ebgames. I lol'd. Hard.

              Yeah i realize that - but Halo 3's Legendary was still around for a few months after release. Not a lot and some may have been pre-owned. But they were there.

              It also happened with the Prestige Edition of MW2 - the 'biggest game of all time' as they call it. They said before its release it was sold out, but i still saw some on sites and heard how people picked it up weeks after its release for a cheaper price.

              Hopefully this happens aswell - but i really only want the figurine. SO hopefully I have a bit of luck - heck i may change my mind and get the Legendary Edition, but snagging one CAN happen and i don't think it will be as "rare" as Bungie/MS & the retailers make it out to be. It's all about demand!!!!

                Yeah there are always some more Legendary editions around, I think they just like to talk it up. I don't know if they get more in or if its trade-ins but I saw plenty of Legendary Halo 3's around a couple of months after release, even saw one in EB just a few months ago.

    I'm pre-ordering the Limited Edition. Not too much, not too little.

    Just right :)

    As soon as my account agrees with me...

    I'll go with the Limited edition thanks. That statue looks nice, but has too many breakable sticky-out bits which won't last more than five minutes in my house (or in transit??). Also, it's not worth an extra $80 IMHO....

    I'll just start writing my Haiku from now

      I wouldn't bother - if they do another Haiku competition like they did for Halo Wars, they will probably award it to someone who doesn't even know what a Haiku is. Isn't that the way it works Wildgoose?

        Is someone sore because they didnt win? :(

        cheer up

          If by sore you mean annoyed at the fact that a competition on Haiku's is being judged by someone who can't quite come to grips with the mechanics of a Haiku (even though he stated them in the original post) and awards one of the prizes to someone who also can't come to grips with Haiku mechanics, than yes... you are correct.

            There's an old saying: shit happens.

            Anyway, I was going to get the Legendary Ed, but I think I might just get the Limited because in reality, it's $80 (probably) for a statuette and an armor. And I don't really need either. Regardless, I'm excited as hell for this!

            Would you be able to give your example of when this happened? I would probably be a little disgruntled too if it happened.

    I'll be pre-ordering the Legendary edition once I can convince my wife that we need more useless shit on our shelves. :D


      I've got about $60 worth of Game Vouchers at the moment, so that might be enough justification to pick it up...

    Never was one for limited editions, play games for the games. I enjoy having the physical case and stuff, but collectors edition is just going overboard for me. Even if games do have them, I'd consider normal edition better.

    Just make the one game edition stylish and classy IMO,

    TBH... people are turned off by the whole special editions things overall. They feel left out, and it distances them from the games themselves. And I'm sure they ask, 'why cannot they just include all the special stuff with the original game?'. The whole thing reeks of bad sales techniques, why not make the normal edition special (since the game itself should be special)? Obviously the normal game isn't good enough.

      I agree with the DLC stuff. It should be available. But things like a cool A4 size artbook or making of dvd would be awesome to get with a game. Can't put that extra cost to every one so a special edition would make sence.

        Firstly lol @ lightsonic. Secondly poohbum i'm not one for special editions either, but i don't at all feel distanced from the game because i only got the standard edition. The special editions are there for the more hardcore fans/otaku etc. Lastly it's nothing to do with bad sales techniques, in fact it's quite profitable, if anything it shows confidence and respect from the publishers/developers to their fan-base and acknowledging it, something bungie does very well.

          Everything is done for money. They do the editions because they think they are making more money on it. They know they can get more money off of their fans so they take advantage of it, without of course looking at other effects it may have. Not saying Halo would sell more if they didn't have it, I guess depends on the game. But in general if they want to market games to a broader audience then special editions are a no-no (my opinion of course).

          What it comes down to for me; the ultimate game in the world, ever, wouldn't have a special edition... It wouldn't need one, it is ultimate.

          Also... Have any special edition games meant anything? Have any of them become rare and worth more in terms of price? No. They just include useless junk. I remember getting the option to get one once out of massive amount of people who wanted it (random number pull) since they are more rare in Aussie (I think it was WoW TBC), and I was like no way. And in the end, someone who did get one got majorly pissed off because of the amount of jerks in game that would insult them for it.

          See, if they aren't worth anything in the future or in general... Why would they sell the special editions... To get more cash out of their undyingly loyal fanbase who WILL pull out the cash for useless junk.

            Yes that's definitely your own opinion, and yes these so called money hungry videogame comnpanies are in the business to make money, which is how the world goes round, but it's mutually beneficial arrangement, as company x gets more money and consumer x gets more content/collectible items. Yes i also think some editions are just junk/rubbish but after all 'one man's trash is another man's treasure'.

    I have to admit I'm a little tempted to go the whole hog.

    I’ve traditionally bought the ‘in between’ die-hard versions of Halo games but given it is both their last hooray and likely the most polished Halo first person shooter thus far I’m not completely against the Legendary Edition.

    Unlike Emma my better half will be far from impressed whichever version I choose to pickup.

      Likewise, I usually pick up the "in-between" version whenever there are 2 available. However, the Noble Team statue looks pretty badass - McFarlane Toys know their stuff.

      As for the expenditure factor, I'm sure a couple of well-researched trade-ins will make it more palatable for my better half!

    For all those people bemoaning the price of the legendary edition based on the exchange rate, the standard edition will still be $90-$100, no concessions.
    How do you think video game companies stay in business during the supposed financial crisis?
    They live off the exchange rate profit.
    For my part, as a not-generally-into-halo sort of guy, I'l be pre-0ordering the Legendary Edition so I'll have something to play with once I decimate the single player element of the game.

    That's pretty awesome, but I've sworn off gimmicky figures and the like after the painful process that was moving to my new apartment, carrying dozens of boxes full of this sort of junk...

    Game are also listing it as available for pre-order, but they have no pricing.


    JB seems a bit behind today.


      Although I might wait to see the inevitable pre-order bonus's before deciding where I order it from.

    Legendary Edition for me! Is it an EB exclusive?

      Nope - it looks like JB Hifi have it listed on the Reach page on their website. No pricing though.

    I am very quickly turning into a action-figure collector. Legendary, for sure. I dig bonus swag.

      That and the box looks great. I'll be using that for storage! ;)

    Paying $80 more just for a nicer box, a multiplayer unlock and a few statues is a bit bizarre. I guess it appeals to die-hard fans, but I'll be sticking with the Limited edition.

    Went into my local EB at 9.30am this morning to put down a preorder on a Legendary. That statue will fit right in with my cat helmet.

    However, because EB were doing a 'preorder a limited edition before it's anounced' dealie, I am apparently '20th' in the queue for that thing - I doubt that all 19 others will want the Legendary over the limited edition, but I seriously hope I gets me my Legendary...

    Will probably stick my money down on a legendary pack. Sucker for statues and ornaments to decorate the gaming room.

    So what's the tipping point for collections like this? What price tag would have to be attached to scare people off entirely, no matter what the contents?

    I think my tipping point came a few weeks ago when I sort of took stock of my games collection and realised I had barely looked at some of the 'limited edition' stuff that I picked up for various games. I think it would have to be something pretty awesome for me to go back in any capacity (I did, however, quite like the Mass Effect 2 collector's edition. Lacked that 'junk for the sake of junk' aspect and kept things simple. Appreciated).

    i think legandarys good after all bungie has been a good company and can create some epic stuff like forge world and like they said there going out with a bang

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