Halo: Reach's Extended 'Birth Of A Spartan' Is Here

Did you find the first Halo: Reach live action spot a little shorter than expected? Would you prefer two extra minutes worth of the making of a Spartan III soldier? Well, here you go.

The extended version of the Noam Murro-directed short film promoting the Halo: Reach beta doesn't add much in the way of narrative or detail to the version that premiered yesterday. Instead, expect extended cuts and new angles, more of that powerful Spartan juice flowing through the veins of Halo: Reach star Carter 259.

Needle-fearing Halo fans need not apply, but for anyone feeling the short shrift from the minute-long version of the Halo: Reach tease, watch and watch again.


    Not much new, kind of boring......
    Still, looking forward to the beta!

    Strange that the blue eyes flicker on after he blinks.

    When the drills are going to his brain, is anyone else going "Holy crap WTF EWWWWWWWWW BRAIN DRILLS"?

    Because this is Halo: Reace they would be Spartan II
    not III


        Doesn't Ghosts Of Onyx introduce the Spartan III's before Reach?

          It says Spartan III on the video and I doubt Bungie would have gotten that wrong, so I guess they must have been.

      Dude Spartan III's were around wayyyy before the battle of Reach.

    Is it just me or if a Halo movie is made, the musical score is going to be the most epic thing EVER created?

    I really really really really want a movie!
    Can't Bill just make a few calls, he has the money to finance it himself and most likely make a hugely insane profit from it!

    Heck if they got someone like James Cameron to do it (it would probably look too much Avatar if he did it) then Cameron fanboys would rush to see it aswell. I just want a GOOD QUALITY Halo film.

      the district 9 director should do it, bloomkamp or sumthing, that movie was gritty-awesome

        or Michael Bay if you want action ;)

    I love the way game companies are moving towards Live-Action shorts these days (and not PSX ear Resident Evil style). Bungie make great films.

    I'm loving this... let's hope the game is as good as the advertising!

    hold on a sec... i'll right my comment once i pick my jaw up off the ground.

    hang on why does he have a pic of parents? the spartans where all orphans who didnt know their parents

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