Heavy Rain Sells A Million

Outdoing early guesstimates on its retail performance, Sony's PS3 thriller Heavy Rain has managed to sell over a million copies worldwide since launching in February.

The game's creator, David Cage, says pre-release estimates had the game selling only 200-300,000 copies. Which for a major first-party release with a big marketing campaign would have been a bit of a disaster. Luckily, then, it's managed to move over 1,000,000 units, with Cage figuring another 500,000 will be sold by the end of the year.

At face value, that's still not great considering the game's exposure level. But remember, it's a thriller, with a unique adventure game style that's not exactly common for big first-party games. Take that into account and one million sold is a great achievement for Cage and his team at Quantic Dream.

Exklusiv-Interview! Wir haben zusammen mit David Cage "Heavy Rain" nachbetrachtet [Play3, via GameSpot]


    Honestly I didn't enjoy it all that much, it was like a novelty that lasted a week or two and quickly wore out.

    I really encourage this level of innovation though and im glad so many people enjoyed it.

    I hope to see more like it, not for me (because I don't really like this style) but for the progression of the industry.

      I personally loved it, never played anything like it before... i would say its an interactive movie for sure. But the story and different endings are just great - unlike most companies that say "we've got 18 different endings!" but only change 1 thing, Heavy Rain actually does have 18 different ways the story can pan out - its really cool. I hope they continue with this formula.

    That's good hopefully it will mean there will be more games like it then.

    I'm really glad the game is considered a success, I think it will take a well-done sequel to popularize this genre. Which I definitely support.

    Nice to see that so many people have been willing to try something a little different. I wonder what sales would've been like if Sony hadn't turned it into such a big release?

    Thats great. I personally didn't buy the game, no cash and all, but i have been meaning to play it and i'm glad that it sold so well, a just reward for a studio that wanted to push the creativity envelope but didn't half arse it.

    While it's not perfect. Some parts of this game are.

    I hope this game influences a lot of future games, particularly with the way they employ quick time events.

    To be honest I didn't expect it to sell that many copies, but Quantic Dream took a big risk making a game like this and I'm glad it sold that many copies. They deserved it!

      Well, they weren't really taking a big risk. It's the only type of game that they make. I loved Omikron: Nomad Soul; It was an original blend of genre's, and it had the talent of David Bowie! I was really excited when they released Farenhiet. I was extremely sad when they said Heavy Rain would be PS3 only. (I'm a PC gamer)

    This game was awesome - An interactive movie with great consequences, and many endings. The plot was quite enthralling and excellent. The only problem is the re-playability value - there is none. Because you know most of the plot. Sure, it's fun to see what happens when you choose different ways, but it's quite tedious. Also, it's glitches are annoying. Luckily the patch came out 2 days from when I started. Overall, great game ;) and happy it did so well.

      I really like their original game, Dragon's Lair 3d. It was awesome!

    The first thing I thought was "Only one million?"
    This is easily one of the best games of this generation, so I'm really disappointed it's only sold that many.

    For those who played Farenheit, at lest from my persperspective, this was a good step forward. Visuals were great and while I did read about the uncanny valley issues, I did not really get that. I was still looking at a game/movie but generally the characters were fantastic (it is just walking sucked).

    I wll encourage those who have not done it to watch the audition in the extras section. I have no idea but it looks like a pilot or tech demo etc. It starts with a real casual girl starting an audition but is a really moving performance and you get sucked into the world so quickly due to great acting (voice and motion capture) and the visuals.

    Good game but for the price, you just expect longer gameplay.. an unfortunate sideeffect of this genre that I hope is compensated for somehow in future releases.

    I think the beauty of this game is it's a perfect game for people who don't usually game. It requires reflexes and brainpower, but not crazy combos, or obtuse tactics. My parents and my sister loved it, it was like watching a movie for them and they got sucked into the emotion of the storyline.

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