Here Are Your Winning StarCraft II Battle Plans

Gaining access to the StarCraft II beta and scoring yourself some highly-prized StarCraft swag isn't just for anyone. You needed to prove your strategic credentials. (Or possibly just make us laugh.)

Thanks to Blizzard, one Kotaku reader is going to win the following StarCraft swag:

* StarCraft II Raynor n00bz figure * Starcraft II Marine T-shirt featuring art by Scrojo * StarCraft ‘Frontlines’ Vol. 1 manga from TokyoPop/Madman * StarCraft ‘Ghost Academy’ Vol. 1 manga from TokyoPop/Madman * StarCraft II ‘Terran Ghost’ poster featuring art by Wei Wang * StarCraft II Zergling Coloisonné pin * I <3 StarCraft magnetic bumper sticker

Plus, that one winner and four runners-up will all receive an invite to the StarCraft II beta.

We asked you to show us your battle plan for winning the beta access and swag. Here are the runners-up:

UPDATE: We seem to be having some server issues preventing the below images from displaying correctly. We'll have it fixed ASAP.

Dominic's adorable kitten army proved, well... adorable.

Josh outdid himself with this thorough dossier on the mission ahead.

Robert made me giggle and sometimes that's enough.

And Tomasz's entry demonstrated the advantage of simplicity.

And finally, here is the winner from Yimin, a highly amusing and appropriately meta diagram on what it takes to win, not just the StarCraft II competition, but indeed most every competition on Kotaku. Well done, Yimin!

Thanks to everyone who entered and congratulations to the five winners. I'll be in touch shortly to organise your prizes.


    Holy shit, two competitions won in a day!

    Thanks heaps David, you've just turned an unbelievably shitty day right around for me :D :D :D

    I wonder how much other stuff I can swindle by exploiting my kittens. I have another one too, equally cute as the first.

    Very nice entries :D

    I have to say, Kotaku contests have some of the best entries I've ever seen.

    I'm getting a 403 forbidden error when I click on those pics.

      Should be working now. Hopefully?

        Odd, it works with internet explorer and not Chrome.

          lol not as 'odd' as youd think chromeo

    Congrats guys! Use your keys wisely. *sage nod*

    (I'm not much of an RTS player myself, and to be frank, starcraft scares me. :S)

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