How Much DSiWare Have You Purchased In The Past Year?

Nintendo is celebrating the first year of DSiWare today, which gives us the perfect chance to ask our readers this question: how much DSiWare have you purchased?

As far as I am concerned, the Nintendo DSi has two selling points over the cheaper Nintendo DS: the cameras, and DSiWare. If neither of those features interest you, you'd be better off with a normal DS. I purchased a DSi on day one because I felt like I had to, in order to deliver coverage on the system, but were I not a writer for Kotaku, odds are I would still be rocking my plain old Metallic Rose DS.

In fact, I've not purchased a piece of DSiWare since going through the initial 1000 DSiWare points Nintendo included with the system at launch.

I picked up an Art Style game, an Animal Crossing clock, and... that seems to be it. I wound up trading my launch DSi for a pink one later, losing my purchases, and I've not really missed them.

So DSiWare is a year old now, and Nintendo has released this spiffy little video, showing off the service's first-year highlights, plus sneak peeks at upcoming titles. Perhaps I'll find some inspiration lurking in there.

For now, however, my purchases stand at two, and those I might not have picked up if I didn't get free points with my DSi.

So what's your total up to?


    I picked up a couple when I first got the system then stopped when I learned the software you purchase can't be transferred to a different model. Whatever I got on my current DSi certainly wont be coming to a 3DS ot DSXL in the future. Poor service Ninty.

    I got the Mario Mini March game. I think it is really good, but admittedly I got it with the 1000 DSi points the system came with.

    What I really want to be able to buy are GameBoy games, particuarly the Legend of Zelda titles.

    I got a DSi on launch day and apart from the 1000 included points, I haven't spent a penny on DSiWare. I check the updates every couple of weeks and still have not found anything I believe is worth a purchase. I was really hoping at some point that there would be some sort of virtual console for the DSi. Having the ability to play NES, Snes, GB, GBC and GBA classics would be awesome.

    Wouldn't it be great to be able to download Donkey Kong Country on Wii then be able to transfer to your DSi? You know, how Sony does it with PSone classics?!?! Wake up Nintendo!

    I used the initial 1000 points included with the system to get Warioware snapped and Dr. Mario, however since then I haven't gotten anything. There are a number of things that interest me (like March of the Minis and Photo Dojo), but I plan on getting a 3DS and that means I won't be able to transfer them.

    I'm about to head for Japan for the long haul, and my DS is of course making the leap with me. My cart folders are full, so I've been downloading DsiWare to my new DSi XL to scratch that gaming itch while I can. So far I've downloaded Mini Mario Vs. Donkey Kong, Trajectile (aka Reflect Missile), Starship Defense/Patrol, Dr. Mario, the Oregon Trail, Aura-Aura Climber, Dragon Quest Wars, and Dark Void Zero. So far I'm pretty happy with all of them. The first four on my list are simple but endlessly addictive, the Oregon Trail gets by on nostalgia, and the others seem pretty spiffy although I haven't gotten too deep into them. Before I head abroad, I'll definitely download the various Electroplankton and maybe a few others like Chronos Twins. So, yeah, I'm digging the whole DSi Ware thing.

    I've spent about 200 dollars on dsiware since I got it. There are a lot of excellent games, Starship Patrol being my favourite so far. Mini Mario is good too. Some of the games are not AAA but still an amusing aside and I think for the cost you get value out of it. Oh yeah some of the electro plankton are lots of fun too.

    Actually just watched the video and I wanted to point out that The Ancients Beckon (pinball) is really good, and Photo Dojo is a ton of fun.

    I got a few DSiWare which are myNotebook, Art Style:AQUIA, Bookworm, Guitar Rock Tour, Ball Fighter, UNO, Glow Artisan, Bejeweled Twist, Puzzle League Express, Dr. Mario, Mario vs. Donkey Kong, My Sims camera, WarioWare Snapped!, and Flipnote Studio. I'm looking foward to downloading Brain Challenge and Paper Airplane Chase, but I barely have anymore memory so I'll have to wait

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