I Need Your iPhone/iPod Touch Gaming Advice

Who cares about the iPad? Not me. I bought myself an iPod Touch over the Easter weekend. I figured it was time to bring myself up to speed on what is currently the fastest growing gaming platform. So what should I get?

I've bought Canabalt (pictured) and Auditorium, two PC favourites that I'm enjoying being able to carry around in my pocket. I also picked up the demo for Rolando 2 and will probably get the full version. Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor looks really interesting, and I'm a big fan of Randy Smith's work, so I'll get that, too.

But what else? I've read Brian's thoughts on the sixteen games that make gaming on your iPhone worthwhile. But I want to hear your thoughts, too.

I'm not interested in silly novelties. I want genuine games. Though I do appreciate quirkiness.

I don't care much for tower defence, but I should get at least one of them. What's the best, and why?

I'm not at all keen on games that feel like stripped-down console games. First-person shooters, for example, seem pointless on a handheld.

I guess I'm most interested in puzzle games, RPGs, adventures, shmups and platformers. What recommendations do you have there?


    angry birds
    shopping cart hero
    flight control
    gta chinatown wars

    Cant go wrong with Plants vs Zombies


      It’s more of a fun way to waste time on long train rides than a full game but it’s still awesome.

      Yep, plants v zombies is great. I have finished 3 times and going back for the fouth. Love it.

      Also, backbreaker, angry birds, gta CTW, brick 3D, trace, tapout and the impossible test by pixel cube.

      Had my touch since xmas and these are my top picks. Trust me all of them have something different to offer you and apart from GTA, all under 4 bucks.

    Peggle. That is all.

      Regarding Auditorium, is it a straight port of the PC version, or is cut down/things have been added?

    The one I recently played was 'Angry Birds', where
    you launch birds with special powers trying to knock down fortresses made of stone and glass and wood, built by green pigs. :) Great game.
    Got Canabalt too, that was good.
    Other games I found great on the iphone recenty:
    - Traffic Rush
    - Catchamouse (Classic)
    - Sally's Spa (Sort of Dinerdash, but more relaxing)
    - Flight Control
    - Valet Hero

    GTA: chinatown wars.

    I can't say what it's like on the ipod as i have it on DS. On the DS it's one of the best GTAs ever.

    Long game, pleasing graphics and a heap of fun.

    zen bound is the best game for the iPhone

    a must have david

    Just a couple of my favorites:
    - Angry Birds
    - Plants vs Zombies (this should be your one and only tower defence game)
    - Wild West Pinball (or any pinball game actually)

      I agree with these some of these posts - Plants vs Zombies is an essential. That will be your tower defense fix.
      Flight Control is pretty awesome, I highly recommend that, and DoodleJump is so addictive it's awesome. And well, if you want, Nazi Zombies never fail to disappoint :P

    The best tower defense game on ipod is Tap Defense because it's free!

    RogueTouch and Harbor Master are two very different games that seem to eat up a lot of my time waiting at bus stops.

    Then of course there is alway the immortal Doodlejump!

    My tips are:

    Frenzic - Addictive puzzle game

    Most games by PopCap - plants v zombies is a good tower defence game.

    Angry Birds - Very addictive, flinging birds at structures, There was a game that you put up as a lunch time waster a while back where you used a catapult to kill the king/queen in the castle. Its basically the same as that.

    HoldEm if you are in to texas holdem

    Rolando is quite fun. I am saving it for a plane trip though.

    GTA China Town. Same deal, waiting for a long trip.

    Thats basically all that I can recommend, there is a lot of rubbish out there.

      Oh forgot to mention... did you watch Good Game David? they reviewed a few games for the iphone/itouch last episode. Check it out if you haven't yet... there was a ragdoll game that looked pretty fun!

    I'd recommend Soosiz. It's a cute, little platformer that plays really well on the iPod touch/iPhone.

    The game that most entranced me was Crayon Physics. Having my hand drawn machinations come to life to knock that little ball onto that little star is simply the most fun I've had with my touch. The first half of the levels are really just training and by the end you'll probably be relying on a couple of sure fire techniques to win each screen. But the journey between is just one more go before bed, touch it in the toilet, stand outside with the smokers kind of satisfying.

    Since completing the game I've furthered the playtime by trying to win in one line, hitting 2 stars at once and having races with the myriad of satisfied converts I've goaded into playing. Its simple, its a single idea but its fun.

    if you had to have just one tower defense game, i'd recommend getting plants vs zombies

    other fun games i'd suggest would be pac-man ce, hook champ, zenbound, critter crunch, and geospark

    Doodle Jump. I know it's on the sixteen game list but it is seriously great fun to play. In my opinion it's one of the most insanely addictive iPod Touch game there is. A simple one-more-go formula keeps you hooked for hours on end.

    I don't even own an iPod Touch myself but this game makes me steal my friends whenever I can! Very, very highly recommended!

      I am 28 and still laughed heaps when i read this... See above...

      "I don’t even own an ...iPod Touch myself... but this game makes me steal my friends whenever I can! Very, very highly recommended!"

      Now that is kinda kinky! I would hate to be your friend when he gets his ipod back sticky? I am thinking about gett one also. Man, you would be a bit intimidated though when the iPad comes out if you are.. er... like... one of those dudes with a really expensive sports car.

    GD Swarm, Trism and Flight Control are very fun games that use the device well. Crash Cart and Monkey Ball are good too. The Ocarina is impressive, especially if you like music.

      I guess to answer one of your questions directly, GD Swarm is a very fun tower defence game, with micro transactions for updating level packs. It is a good challenge, and has a unique visual style and slightly cheeky attitude.

    Puzzle Quest, Plants Vs. Zombies and Doodle Jump currently take up the majority of my iPhone gaming time.

    I was tempted to get Final Fantasy and GTA: China Town Wars but haven't as yet, due to the higher price.

    Angry birds is great for $1.19 and if your not sure you can just try the demo.

    'Drop7' is a brilliant puzzle game. 'Angry Birds' is a cool physics destruction / catapult game.

    I think 'geoDefense' or 'GD Swarm' is the go for tower defense games.

    'Passage' is interesting though you spend most of you time working out what the hell is going on.

      Seconding drop 7

      most addictive thing ever

    Notable games on my iPhone 3GS;
    Canabalt - You already have it...
    Doodle Jump - This was the first game I bought for it and it's never leaving my phone.
    FlightControl - Pretty cool game where you land aeroplanes. It gets more hectic the more planes you successfully land.
    Geared - This is a brainstraining game where you need to get all the cogs turning, starts off easy but gets damned hard later on.

    Well I have my iPhone 3GS.
    I got on the plan then my employment sold out and i work for the new owners. They dont have as much money so I get less hours, so Its become a hassel paying for it.

    I dont really associate my iPhone with gaming simply because I hate most aspects of it.

    I have F.A.S.T which is a combat flight sim. Its a pretty great game on its own, but when you have to tilt your iPhone almost vertical to turn you look stupid. You have to do it alot because you will need to turn to the left or right to dogfight an aircraft. I honestly dont feel like im in control either because it lags slightly and the movement on screen doesnt map the intensity that I tilt.

    Doom 3 Resurrection is another. The graphics are superb, that is one thing I must say. You feel pretty excited until you get into the game. Being on rails SUCKS. You tilt the screen to where you want your crosshair to go. Great *mobile* game but horrible *portable* game. It feels like a wonky House of the Dead 2, with cheese and predictability.

    Last of all

    Metal Gear Solid Touch

    Once again you only move the crosshair. It is basically a point and click whack a mole shooter with MG imagery. It feels cheap and nasty in my opinion.

    Over all I disregard i/whatever's as a true portable gaming experience.

    Horrible on screen buttons that cloud your view, extreme tilting and limited gameplay mechanics. Stick with a DS or PSP, unless your in it for the apps and need a mobile primarily.

    iPad... I imagine would be a better experience. Not for games such as those I mentioned, but simple ones like Scrabble. But thats an interactive *board* game experience, not a true video gaming one.

    "What should I get?"
    An iPad.
    Next year.
    Seriously, the only suggestion I can make is find out if Summoner from Square Enix is available on the touch. Originally developed for the iPod, it was a game that let you summon monsters using the songs you had on the player. Different songs, different stats appearance etc.
    I seem to remember it was adapted for the touch and was pretty fun, so it might be worth a look.

    One word "Depict" best game on iphone/touch, it makes so much sense to have this game on these devices, and perhaps the DS.

    Also C64 is quite nice

    there are many but these are the two that are getting me through my lunch breaks!

    Angry Birds!!!!!!!!

    i just got introduced to this game and LOVE it... highly addictive... a little frustrating... totally worth the $1.19(aus)

    Tiki Totems is good too

    those 2 games have stolen a lot of time from me... which is great considering how cheap they are!

    *with EXTRA cheese and predictability.

    He he, the amount of people that would have corrected me over this :)

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