If I Were A Pokemon Trainer...

Believe it or not, I am not a Pokémon trainer. But if I were, I'd look like this, apparently!

This Pokémon Trainer Dress Up was created by hapuriainen.deviantart.com. It is delightful.

What would you look like?

Pokémon Trainer Dress Up [via The BBPS]


    firstly, this is not exactly a really impressive art, nor is it impressive. and i don't think this post is worth even posting. you've seen trainers with lots of styles. so if there are pokemon trainers they would be their own style with a pokeball on hand.

    gantz hates your trainer.

    Oh well, I had some fun with it, thanks.

    Well mine has no shirt!! :O


    How the heck did you guys copy the image? Obviously not print screen+editing, whats the secret? I was expecting a plug-in for facebook or something =(

      Actually yeh, it was just print screen and cut out the pic in paint. Then save it and upload it to tinypic.

    Am i getting the same link everyone else is? some badly done dress up flash game of the pokemon girls that's anything but SFW?

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